What is Sensation in urdu hindi – BBA104 Introduction to Psychology – Online Lectures Urdu hindi | Lecture # 06

What is Sensation in urdu hindi - BBA104 Introduction to Psychology - Online Lectures Urdu hindi

In this lecture we are going to discuss what is sensation psychology in URDU Hindi | Introduction to Psychology BBA104 | PSY101 short lectures. In this what is sensation in philosophy we will cover all course outline topics through online lectures including types of sensation / sensation examples / what is sensation and perception as well as example of sensation . Sensation in psychology notes / example of sensation notes and handouts are available at theiteducation.com. If you are facing difficulties in the development of Sensation and Perception assignments and their quizlet feel free to contact us on 03096055938 WhatsApp for free and paid couching services and assignments.

The Topics which are covered in this lecture are

Experimentation/Experimental model

Survey method


Types of interview

Sensations (احساس)

Sensation and perception

Characteristics of sensation

How do we sense? Or Process of sensation

General characteristics of sensations

Experimentation/Experimental model | What is Sensation in urdu

•A fundamental method in the study of every science like physics, chemistry and biology.

•Psychology achieved status of science due to objective observation and experimentation.

•Experimented on color vision, hearing and brain function •Started Gastav Fechner

•William James founded a lab in 1875

Laboratory : the place where experiment are conducted under controlled conditions

Experimenter : is one who defines and analyzed the problem to ensure possibility to achieve accurate results

Subject  : is that person on whom the experiment is conducted

Hypothesis is a question which can be answered. Question should be statement types. For example, Will the Vitamin A improve eye sight?  Good hypothesis will be.. Vitamin A improves the eyesight. 

Experimental Design : plan of experiment •Variable types

Independent variables: Factor variable whose effect is under study on the subject’s behavior  : Vitamin A

Dependent Variable : Quantitative change in the subject’s reaction of behavior.  eyesightRelevant variables : all those factors which affect the subject’s behavior. Static state of variables

Groups of subject : more than one individual under study are called groups of subject

Control group :  is that group which is taken as a norm and works under normal conditions as before the experiment.

Experimental group: is that group on whom the experimenter applies independent variable and records the change in behavior to computer his results.

Merits of the experiment Method

•It gives quantitative results

Scientific method

•It is an objective method as the experimenter’s personal likes and dislikes do not affect the results

•It is used on all types of subjects. Animals and humans

•It is modern age used both Extrospection and introspection •Its results are valid and reliable.

Demerits of experiment Method

•It is expensive method

•Studied in the unnatural environment of the lab

•Often subject is disturbed that may affect results

•It is difficult to control the subject’s internal states

•Only trained experimenter can design and conduct the experiment under controlled conditions.

Survey Method | What is Sensation in urdu

•Suitable in little time and little space and unable to conduct experiment on many people in the lab

•Often used to find the interests and attitudes of the people

•Social psychology is used to find the social problems e.g Why divorce rate is getting higher? Why violence in students are increasing?

•Industrial psychology use it to know the need and taste of people about any product and industry.

•Selection of problem and formulate hypothesis

•Preparation of questionnaire

•Selection of sample


•Tabulation of data collected


Interview | What is Sensation in urdu

•Interview is a face to face verbal and visual or Written intercommunication between two types of peoples

•The person who ask questions is interviewer

•The person who answers is called interviewee

•Is used in educational, criminal and clinical psychology.

•To diagnose, to investigate, to find physical and mental disorders

Types of interview | What is Sensation in urdu

•Structured interview : a formal interview planned as per nature of job. Question are prepared with scores.

•It is objective, valid and reliable.

•Unstructured interview : an informal and flexible interview in which interviewer doesn’t not have any preset of questions in his mind. He started and explored the candidates qualification.

•Simple, friendly, validity and reliability depends on interviewer.

Sensory process | What is Sensation in urdu

•What are senses (حواس)?

•A sense is a physiological(biological) capacity of organisms that provides data for perception.

•How many senses do we have(حواس خمسہ)?

•Hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touching

•Related organs are ear, eye, tongue, nose, skin

Sensations (احساس) | What is Sensation in urdu

•How do we feel temperature, pressure, and pain? –Skins sensations –. Sensation noun (FEELING) ​the ability to feel something physically, especially by any our five

•How do we perceive movement and balance? By eys

•Sensation is a cognitive(mental) process by which an organism respond to an stimulus (a thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue…محرک) . Sensation is an animal’s, including humans’, detection of external or internal stimulationsenses.

Sensation and perception | What is Sensation in urdu

Sensation refers to the process of sensing our environment through touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell.

•This information is sent to our brains in raw form where perception comes into play. 

Perception (سمجھ ، شعور) is the way we interpret these sensations and therefore make sense of everything around us.

•For instance, seeing the light (sensation) is different from determining its color (perception). Another example is that feeling the coldness of the environment is different from perceiving that winter is coming.

Characteristics of sensation | What is Sensation in urdu

Stimulus (محرک):  is a source of physical energy that activates an organ. It is the strength or magnitude of an organ

Absolute threshold : smallest amount of threshold or physical energy which can be detected for 50% of the time.

Upper threshold : is the maximum amount of threshold or physical energy which can be detected for 50% of the time.

Differential threshold : difference between smaller and upper threshold.

How do we sense? Or Process of sensation

•Can not take place without proper messaging between organ and related part of the brain.

•An organ cannot respond if associative nerves do not perceive and motor nerves do not take order from brain to the related muscles.

Hence, Sensation is accumulation of Stimulus + sensory organ + neural transmitters + brain.

General characteristics of sensations

Stimulus(محرک)  or the physical energy that is compulsory to take place sensations.

Intensity of a stimulus related to the sensory thresholds. If the magnitude of the stimulus does not reach absolute threshold, sensation does not occur. Even it cross over the upper level, the sensation does not occur.

Quality : of stimulus is the source of differentiation between different stimulus regarding their color, taste or the size.

Extensity :  is the expansion of stimulus, it requires a limit of stimulus to cause sensations. For example eye cannot see germ without microscope. And a feather on you hair cannot be felt.

Duration :  is the time interval during the presentation of any stimulus to the sense organ. If a stimulus remains for less time that required we are unable to have its sensation. And if it remains longer than its time. e.g tik-tok of second in a clock.

What is Sensation in urdu hindi – BBA104 Introduction to Psychology – Online Lectures Urdu hindi

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