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BBA-104 Introduction to Psychology Lecture 1 Business Administration and Psychology – Online Classes. #BBA #PU #OnlineLectures

This is online video lecture number 1 recorded for BBA 104 introduction to psychology course of Punjab University Lahore. In this present coronavirus situation punjab University has advised to conduct online classes for BS programs. BS Business Administration which is also known as BA 4 Year program classes BA semester 2 has been launched. This is lecture number 1 recorded online for BBA 104 introduction to psychology course.
This is an introductory course introduced in BBA program of University of the Punjab Lahore in this relationship between Business Administration and psychology is explain for the students so that they can apply the concepts of psychology human development social behaviour and study of science and mind in their marketing Sales Production and other decision making.
As we all know that psychology is the study of mind and behaviour of a human. Business Administration includes the effective management of all business operations in which HR management and different other activities are being listed show a business manager need psychology to help himself tu to understand explain and predict about the emotion parts and behaviour of human with the help of psychology.

Biological Basis of Behavior in URDU Hindi | Introduction to Psychology BBA104 | PSY101
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Biological Basis of Behavior in Psychology

This lecture is based on Online Lecture video of Biological Basis of Behavior in URDU Hindi | Introduction to Psychology…

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Man Studies himself in psychology
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Prove that in Psychology “Man Studies himself” BBA-104 Short Lectures | Intro to Physcology

If we read the definitions of physics chemistry and Biology, we will find that physics is the scientific study of…

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BBA-104 Introduction to Psychology Study Material – Download Helping handouts pdf slides

BBA-104 Introduction to Psychology course offered in BA-Business Administration(BBA- Hons) PU- from University of The Punjab (PU) handouts, pdf slides, . This course is compulsory for BBA Hons students of Punjab University in 2nd and next semester. Course Outline, Study Material including Handouts,

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