How to Convert Image to Text (Fast & Free Ways)

Transforming images into editable and searchable text files becomes pretty simple. You can find full-fledged image-to-text converters around the internet, still getting the perfect one seems a daunting task. In this review, we entertain you with a few best ways that allow you to extract text from images with the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process. No huge manual intervention is involved, just a couple of clicks lets you turn your existing image text into editable document files. Here is another very High Quality Photo Tiles That Stick & Re-Stick which you can do it using canvas prints.

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Image identification and processing improves day-by-day because of the OCR processing. Fortunately, cardscanner reveals how to convert image to text with OCR swiftly and for free as it loaded with best online image to text converter. You can also use this blog to Convert images to text guides.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR:

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is mainly considered for converting PDF documents into virtually all compatible formats (excel, eBook, and more). Saving PDF into other compatible and regular formats becomes pretty simple with this OCR conversion assistance. It is one of the accurate solutions for transforming bulk text from the existing image files. In addition to OCR conversion, this one-stop solution helps to create fully optimized PDF documents from the Word, PowerPoint, and other formats. 

How to Convert Image to Text with Cisdem?

  • Add your PDF files into this OCR PDF Converter and make a choice with PDF/Text as output file format
  • Press the settings button, select the file language and hit OK
  • Now, click on the given Convert button that lets you save PDF image as editable text file
  • Once you have done with all, open the newly converted file and start extracting text or just make a single click for copying the text from the file

Adobe Acrobat (MacOS & Windows):

Adobe Acrobat is another utility that lets you deal with image to text conversion with advanced OCR while maintaining the formatting. No matter whether you’re using Windows and Mac Operating Systems (OS), Adobe works perfectly on all to save the image as text file format. The steps are quite simple, no huge manual intervention takes place for making image text extraction with this assistance.

How to Convert Image to Text with an Acrobat?

  • Open your PDF image file into Adobe Acrobat and navigate to Tools > Enhance Scans
  • Then, navigate further on Recognize Text > In this File and choose the OCR language to make text extraction
  • Now, you could copy the embedded text from imported PDF image file 
  • Also, you can navigate to Tools > Export PDF and choose the export format for saving the PDF image text using Adobe (optional)

Google Docs (Online Free):

This is one of the super-fast sources that allow you to process image, word, PDF and different other document files conversion for free. If you’re seeking a quick way to edit documents, then this is the perfect source for you. It even allows users to open and export certain compatible file formats without impacting over the formatting. No matter whether you have a simple image or scanned PDF file, Google Docs will proceed with the OCR process for both. However, sometimes Google Docs does not preserve the formatting while performing OCR and even prompts OCR-errors. 

How to Convert Image to Text with Google Docs?

  • At first, you need to login to your Google Drive Account and navigate Google Drive > New > File for adding your PDF file
  • Now, all you need to make a right-click on the uploaded (imported) file and move further on Open with > Google Docs
  • This is where you’ll find the image text in Google Docs and also the OCR-process finishes and even it allow you to pull the text from the uploaded PDF file
  • In addition to that, you can start editing into the extracted text by using Google Docs (if required)
  • At last, the time comes to move File > Download As > Txt for exporting the image as text file

You can now convert your local system stored images or Google Drive saved photos into editable text files with this online web-based application. This is where you can easily extract text from images with its free to process image to text converter online. It supports multiple image formats to make OCR-based image text extraction. Even though it does not specify which language you want to process image text conversion, this online OCR tool performs conversion for all popular languages including (Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and more). 

How to Convert Image to text with a Card Scanner?

  • Add jpg, jpeg, png, jfif, or any other image formats or PDF file that you want to convert with OCR
  • After uploading, crop & rotate (if required), then click Convert button
  • Once done, you’re able to copy text to clipboard or you can export text as txt, word, or other formats

OnlineOCR (Online Free):

OnlineOCr is another opportunity for converting one or a couple of images into text files online. It allows you to process OCR-based scanning and conversion for both scanned PDF files or standard photos. You can make full-fledged Optical Character Recognition online while preserving the original formatting with this OCR tool. Get error-free image to text conversion with this assistance, no sign-up and registration process involved to do so.

How to Convert Image to text with OnlineOCR?

  • Open OnlineOCR and start adding your image file, choose the language for OCR conversion
  • Select the Text as converted format from the drop-down list that is given under the tool
  • Click Convert and wait for a while to get the text extracted file

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