What are Research Methods in Psychology Urdu/Hindi | Psychological Research Methods BBA104 | Psy101

What are Research Methods in Psychology Urdu/Hindi | Psychological Research Methods BBA104 | Psy101

This lecture is based on Online Lecture video of research methods in psychology pdf in URDU Hindi | Introduction to Psychology BBA104 | PSY101 short lectures. In this Research Method in Psycology in urdu pdf we will cover all course outlines through online lectures including research methods in psychology definition as well as research methods . research methods in psychology notes / research methods in psychology book notes and handouts are available at theiteducation.com. If you are facing difficulties in the development of research methods in psychology assignments and research methods in psychology quizlet feel free to contact us on 03096055938 WhatsApp for free and paid couching services and assignments.

The Topics which are covered in this lecture are

1. what is research method

2. what are different research methods

3. what are research methods in Psychology

4. How is experimental research is in Psychology

Psychological Research | What are Research Methods in Psychology

•is conducted to obtain factual information about human behavior and mental processes to find out the underlying cause and effect relationship.

Types of Research

Pure Research : focuses a certain problem to look into its causes and effects.

Applied Research : looks into practical problems in life –and uses scientific methods of observation under controlled conditioncollect data find cause and effect relationship through statistical analysis –Suggests to bring required change in certain behavior –Re-examine the after effect of that change.

Research procedure | What are Research Methods in Psychology

•Select a problem and name a project

•Study related researchers on same project

•Formulate a hypothesis

Collects data with different research methods under controlled conditions

Conclude meaningful facts •Check validity and reliability

Methods |What are Research Methods in Psychology

Introspection  : Looing inward , popular in 20th century •Provides direct information about individual internal and mental states

•It studies factors like attention, perception, learning , memory and thinking

•Used by structuralists, functionalists , psychoanalysts, cognitive, humanist and existentialists.

•J.B. Watson criticized this method

Extraspection : objective observation of overt(obvious, evident) behavior under controlled conditions.

•Used by biological and behaviorists •Pavlov, J.B. Watson, and Skinner used and experiment on animals and human beings.

•Now a days psychology is using both these methods

•Being a social science it is using some more methods

Observation | What are Research Methods in Psychology

•Any form of examination of events, behaviors and phenomenon.

•May be used in naturalistic rather in experimentation.

•Any procedures and techniques that are used in non-experimental research to help in making accurate observation of event with the use of various devices such as audio, and video cameras, stopwatches etc. 

Natural observation or filed study : is a casual or informal commentary upon observation.

•It is also called natural study method and it is the oldest method

•It is applied in the situations where experiments are impossible to conduct. For example malnutrition of child and its effects on his development.

•Participant observation and uncontrolled conditions hence realistic findings

Case History Method

•Most popular method to record scientific observations of an individual from birth to day. It has three types

Day book of diary : parents, M.Ds used it to record development changes of personality. 

Biographic method :  used for guiding factors of personality

Clinical method : diagnose and interfere purposes of personality. 

Day book method

Physical development

Mental development

Emotional development

Social development

Very useful method to know physical, mental, emotional and social development about a person

Biographical method

A little interesting Question?

How do you know about Allama Iqbal?

How do you know about any famous personalityAuto-biographyWritten by the individual himselfBiographyWritten by other authors

What are Research Methods in Psychology Urdu/Hindi | Psychological Research Methods BBA104 | Psy101

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