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theITeducation.com was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing 100% Free online coaching and training to the students of under-graduate and postgraduate classes. Most of the students enrolled in computer sciences, information technology, software engineering and related disciplines find it difficult to understand core concepts of programming, office automation, assignments and career counselling. It was initiated by me, Habib Ullah Qamar working as lecturer Computer sciences and Mr. Aslam Khan Waqar, a freelancer. our Facebook group and Facebook page has thousands of students attached with theITeducaiton.com community and has completed their degrees. YouTube Channel is also working with the name “theITeducation.com” as a communication channel between us and viewers. We were joined by Mr. Abdul Aziz, who is worked as Instructor in Divisional Public School and college. We are also thankful to Mr. Tayyab Ijaz, lecturer English language for his moral and logistic support.

Our Team

Prof Habib Ullah QamarLet me introduce myself , My Name is Habib Ullah Qamar. I have passed my MS Degree in Software engineering from Virtual University of Pakistan. I am working as lecturer in Higher Education Department Punjab. I have more than 15 years of teaching experience for computer sciences subjects at intermediate, undergraduate and postgraduate course. I have also working as online resource person for Daniskada.com as virtual Computer teacher for MS classes in virtual classroom environment.  I also teach in Allam Iqbal Open University to Master level classes. I have  developed different web applications using state of Art technologies. I have also worked for US based online firm on their e commerce project for website development and Search Engine Optimization. I am currently online services to SmarteSol.com as Senior Development Manager for their onshore and offshore projects. I have also a Masters degree in Business administration with specialization in Human Resource Management.

Aslam Khan WaqarMr. Waqar is a very competent Front End Developer/Content Writer. He has completed various projects using modern tools and technologies. He is expert in HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery and CSS. He also holds an additional responsibility of Content Writing for the theITeducation.com. He writes world class contents for different domains e.g technology, sports, agriculture, training, education and entertainment. Mr. Waqar holds a masters degree in the Computer Sciences with an year diploma in script writing from National College of Arts, Lahore. He also holds an MA Film and TV Production degree for Punjab University. Our richest tutorial HTML Canvas was written by Mr. Waqar. Soon he will add more tutorials on front end development like, AngluarJS, NodeJS and other latest technologies. Reading and writing about new and moderen technlogies is a hobby for Mr. Waqar. He has diversified skills of reading, writing, coaching, guiding, counselling and many more.
Abdul AzizMr. Aziz is a M.Phil scholar form Govt. College University Faisalabad. He has completed his Masters in Commerce. He is real educationist in our team. He has Masters degree in Education. He also possess Master’s degree in Computer sciences. He started as commerce teacher in a college. Then he met me, and changed his direction from commerce to computer, he took admission in MSc computer sciences along-with his job and completed it. Then He decided to continue his studies and took admission in M.Phil degree in GCU Faisalabad. Now He is a M.Phil Scholar and wokring on his research related to Artificial Intelligence. He started teaching computer form DPS College and currently working as Instructor in VTI.
Mr. Muhammad Assad Javaid is a BS Honors  form University of Narowal. He has completed his B.S in Information Technology. He is real Developer and Article Writer in our team. He also has completed many Desktop relates applications as well as Web applications . He started his career as Junior Software Engineer from the Platform of the IT Education. Then he met me, and start writing Articles for this platform. Now He is  working on  Artificial Intelligence.He is working as a 2nd partner of this platform .

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