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cs101 cs201 cs302 cs304 cs403 cs604 cs401 vU Short Highlighted pdf notes

Most of the students are asking for short and highlighted notes for different subjects and courses of Virtual University of Pakistan. As you know that I have recorded virtual BU short lectures for following courses and in my video I have highlighted the notes for these subjects. These all notes are highlighted during recording of VU Short Lectures for my youtube channel THEITEDUCATION.

VU Short Lectures videos online lectures

  • CS201 introduction to programming
  • cs304 object oriented programming
  • cs604 operating systems
  • cs403 database management system
  • cs401 assembly programming and computer architecture
  • cs302 digital logic and design

VU Short Notes for CS201, cs0304, cs604, cs403, cs401, CS302 | Highlighted Notes

I have a carded all short lectures for these courses in which I have used highlighted short notes. Here I am going to upload the PDF version of short notes for the subjects which are used in my short video lectures. VU short notes are not short in the manner of contents and pages but I have highlighted the important points and important questions regarding mid term and fine and the key points of all the subjects which I have explain and demonstrate in my vu short video lectures. You can download pdf format for all these subject short and highlighted notes.
Important Notice : These short and highlighted notes might be incomplete in the sense that few of the lectures I do not have recorded for those lecture these notes will not be highlighted.

CS302 – Digital Logic & Design (Lecture 1 – 45) _ Short and Highlighted Notes for Midterm and Final Term

CS302 – Digital Logic and Design Handouts (1-45 lectures) with Index – Short and Highlighted Notes for Midterm and Final Term – Second Copy


CS101-Final-Term-Highlighted- Quiz made by Ahsan – Credit for Mr. Ahsan

CS201 Short Highlighted Notes for Midterm and Final Term in pdf format free to download. Next version will be uploaded in next semester.. but most of the topics are covered.

CS304 Object Oriented Programming short and highlighted notes. All these notes are highlighted during recording of CS304 Short Lectures Videos Online Lectures.

CS401 Short and highlighted notes in PDF to download. Almost most of the topics of midterm and final term are highlighted in this during recording of CS401 Short Video Lectures.

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