What is meant by sohcahtoa and its purpose?

The word “SOHCAHTOA”  is a mnemonic for the trigonometric ratios sine, cosine, and tangent. As you know “sin” is equal to “SOHCAHTOA” which is a mnemonic for remembering the opposite over hypotenuse. The cosine equals adjacent over hypotenuse and the tangent is equal to the opposite over adjacent. You can learn all the trigonometric ratios by the word “SOH CAH TOA”.The online sohcahtoa calculator is developed to solve all the trigonometric ratios for the right angle triangle. You only need to enter the values of the base, perpendicular, and hypotenuse in the trig calculator to find the missing angle or side.

What is sohcahtoa term?

In the trigonometric term, you can define the word SOHCAHTOA as follows:

  • SOH (Sin(θ))= Opposite/Hypotenuse
  • CAH (Cos(θ)) = Adjacent/Hypotenuse
  • TOA (Tan(θ))= Opposite/Adjacent

The mnemonic “SOH CAH TOA” can be expanded into parts:

“SOH is (Sin(θ))= Opposite/Hypotenuse, we have taken S from Sine, O from Opposite, and H from Hypotenuse. The same goes for CAH, we have taken C from Cos, A from the Adjacent side, and H from Hypotenuse. Now consider the word TOA, we have taken T from Tan, O from Opposite, and A from  Adjacent side.

Students do find it difficult to remember all the trigonometric ratios, now remembering the “SOH CAH TOA”, you can remember all the trigonometric ratios. It is better to use a sohcahtoa calculator to find the missing side or the angle in a matter of seconds.

The right angle triangle?

In a right-angle triangle, there is a 90-degree angle and three sides  Hypotenuse, Opposite side, and Adjacent. You need to learn about all three sides one by one:

Adjacent side:

The adjacent side is the side adjacent to the angle of the right-angle triangle.

Opposite side:

The opposite side is the side opposite to the angle of the right-angle triangle.


Hypotenuse is the side making an angle with the adjacent side of the angle of the right angle triangle.

You can use the sohcahtoa calculator to find all the sides of the right-angle triangle.


Now take a triangle ABC, we have values Opposite side BC = 10 cm, and the angle A= 20 degrees, then you need to find the side CA, which is Hypotenuse.


As we know:

Angle A = 20 degrees

Opposite side BC = 10 cm

Hypotenuse CA =?

You can use the trigonometry calculator to find the Hypotenuse, and we are going to use the ratio of sine in solving this question:

As, we know that:

Sin θ =  Opposite/Hypotenuse


Sin θ = BC/CA 

Now  BC = Opposite

Then  CA = Hypotenuse

Enter the values:

Sin 20 = 10/CA

  Sin 20/10 = 1/CA

    CA =  10/Sin 20

  CA =  29.24 cm

You can use the sohcahtoa calculator to find the values of the trigonometric ratio like Sin, Cos, and Tan. Sometimes you may be confused what are the different trigonometric ratios, but if you are only able to remember the word “SOHCAHTOA”. Then it can be simple to learn about all the trigonometric ratios. Just remember the word “SOHCAHTOA” and then you are able to learn all the trigonometric ratios like Sin, Cos, and Tan


“SOHCAHTOA”  is only dealing with the trigonometric ratios, if you are going to remember then you can learn all the trigonometric ratios. The SOH stands for the Sin of opposite/Hypotenuse, the CAH stands for the word cos of Adjacent side /Hypotenuse. The TOA stands for the tan opposite side /Adjacent side.  The sohcahtoa calculator can be used to solve all the trigonometric ratios.

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