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Here are the best PPSC Past Papers 2020 pdf MCQs with Answers Free to Download For PPSC, FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests for all types of Jobs announced in Pakistan and India. Now a days every type of test includes a specific portion from ppsc past papers 2020 pdf with different percentage. We are providing the best Online Job Preparation Services , ppsc test preparation books pdf 2020 download and Solved MCQS with Answer which are 100% Free to read and Download in PDF Format. We also offer Online Test Preparations for PPSS Jobs, FPSC Jobs, NTS Jobs.

General Knowledge Topic Wise Mcqs

1. PPSC General Knowledge Past Papers 2. Topic Religions of the World
3. Topic Famous Airlines of the World 4. Land Locked Countries of the World
5. Empires & Dynasties of the World 6. Topic Worlds Airports
7. Annual Days of the World / Weeks 8. Distinctive Names of Countries & Cities
9. Topic World Famous Battles 10. Topic World Countries MCQs
11. Topic World Famous Lines MCQs 12. Topic World Parliaments Names MCQs
13. Topic Countries Old Names MCQs 14. Topic World Secret Agencies MCQs
15. Topic World ISLANDS & PENINSULAS MCQs 16. Topic GULF & BAYS MCQs
17. Topic General Geography MCQs 18. Topic World Deserts & Plains MCQs
19. Topic Chechnya Issue Mcqs 20. Topic CANALS BARRAGES DAMS
21. Topic Afghanistan ISSUE MCQS
PPSC General Knowledge Mcqs pdf | Topic Wise PPSC General Knowledge Mcqs pdf 2021

These Jobs may include the posts of Junior Clerk, Assistant, Assistant Director, Computer Operator, Steno Typist, Stenographer, Junior and Senior Accounts Auditor, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar and Municipal Officers.

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PPSC PAST PAPERS MCQs with Answers PDF | Free to Download For PPSC, FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests

We will also provide MCQs of ppsc past papers by imtiaz shahid pdf free download and also provide mcqs of ppsc books pdf 2020 free download as well as you will learn all mcqs from this Platform.

These jobs test preparation includes PPSC Past Papers 2020 pdf MCQs and Computer Introduction portion and MCQS in Written test. Most of these jobs consists of 10% to 40% portion on Basic IT and PPSC Past Papers 2020 pdf MCQs in written job test exam. Hence “TheITeducation.com” has decided to publish Free MS Office Multiple Choice Questions with Answers that can be downloaded free in PDF Format to best jobs test preparation. We are also offering Free mock Online Quizzes of PPSCPastPapers 2020 pdf MCQs with Answers and key which an aspirants can apply. These mcqs are answered with best to our knowledge, but there is always a chance of human error, Hence we apologize in advance for any kind of errors in the answers of these mcqs.

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PPSC Past Papers 2020 pdf MCQs with Solved Answers

Here are more that 100 PPSC Past Papers 2020 pdf MCQs with Online Free mock quizzes which aspirants can attempt for preparation and self evaluation. These MCQs are about all the PPSCPastPapers 2020 pdf MCQs.

1:The shandar was connect chitral with:

A gilgit

B sawat

C Malam jaba

D Kaghan

2:KaraKoram Highway between Pakistan and China was competed in :

A 1975

B 1976

C 1977

D 1978

3:Nanga Parbat is the highest peak of



C:Hindu Kash

D:Suleman Range

4:Tomb of Khwaja Fareed is is located in in

Kot mithan

5:River Kabul joins Indus river near

dera Ismail Khan

Kala Bagh



6:The chairman of national economic Council is

finance minister

Prime Minister


none of these

7:Who was the first Muslim governor of Punjab

sardar Abdur Rab Nashtar

Mushtaq Gormani

Feroz Khan Noon

Iftikhar Husain

8:Objective Resolution was presented in the constituent assembly on

2nd March 1949

7 March 1949

12 March 1949

17 March 1949

9:The only Vice President of Pakistan was

Noorul Amin

 Fazal Haq

Fazal Ilahi Chaudhary

 Chaudhary Zaheer Ilahi

10:What is the minimum age of Senator under 1973 constitution

25 years

30 years

 35 years

40 years