Why do people think that only children of bureaucrats can qualify for CSS in Pakistan?

Dishonesty in CSS – Aslam Malik (writer may ask to remove if he has any objection on translation and publishing)

Just like in our country, no one accepts their defeat in elections and blames the defeat on rigging, similarly those who fail in CSS also say that only the children of bureaucrats are selected. His family, friends, neighbors all accept this and since there are 200 who succeed and 20000 who fail, his story spreads so much that everyone believes it.
This excuse does not consider what actually happens to them.
Most of us have been taught English in Punjabi, Urdu, Sindhi etc. There is no question of good understanding, speaking and writing of English. A lot of effort is needed to make up for this deficiency. Now the competition is with the young people who already have English skills. Among them, there are more children from well-educated and well-educated homes, and it is obvious that the bureaucrats are not only well-educated, but they also know very well all the things that are necessary to move forward.
Those who have money, those who own lands also make arrangements. They teach their children in schools where only English is spoken. Indigenous languages are prohibited.
Now in practice it happens that some competitors in a 100 meter race stand 10 meters, 20 or 30 meters ahead of the starting point. These are the ones with English medium education, well-educated families and proper guidance. How can competition be fair with this difference?

No worthy youth in India is killed just because of English. There the Indian Administrative Service IAS exam can be given in 22 recognized languages including Urdu, Punjabi. The final interview can also be given in the same languages.
Those taking the exam in Urdu have also been taking positions there.
No one is paying attention to this real problem with us.
In our country, even the most qualified youths fail simply because they cannot speak or write fluent English. For this reason, the academies that conduct only English and interview preparation are charging a fee of at least one lakh rupees. Coming to a big city, accommodation and other expenses are separate.

The real need is to end the compulsory status of English for these exams. This decision of India did not reduce the quality of IAS there.

As far as the children of bureaucrats are concerned, maybe one candidate out of a thousand will get some favor by chance. For example, one of my dear ones is the daughter of a famous professor. In an interview, the subject expert read the name and asked what do you think of this professor? On telling them, they might have given compassionate numbers. If the son of such a bureaucrat goes to the interview and by chance one of his former colleagues is also in the panel, it can be a small benefit, but in some cases there is a huge loss. Bureaucrats do not necessarily have good relations with each other.

Some thirty-five years ago. When the results of CSS came out, there were twenty-five of those who were successful, who had doctor before their name. There was noise in the newspapers that there is so much need for doctors, so much is being spent on them and they are leaving the doctorate. Now doctors could not be banned from participating in the CSS exam through any law. It just happened that in the results writing the doctor with the name was stopped.
The doctors said that when they go to the secretariat or any other office, they have come to this conclusion from the behavior of the gatekeepers, clerks and section officers. Doctors, engineers have been good students. They are made after hard work and competition. There is an experience of writing thick books. CSS exam is not difficult for them.
Among the recent successful candidates, Dr. Sana Ramchand of Shikarpur district of Sindh says that she was heartbroken to see the condition of government hospitals and the condition of patients and came to the conclusion that bureaucracy provides a platform where you can bring about some change. are She says, I deleted all social media apps from my mobile, cut off social contacts and prepared CSS with heart and soul for eight months, finally succeeded. Prepared for interview with covid ward duty.

Laila Malik Sher, Shireen Malik Sher, Sassi Malik Sher, Marvi Malik Sher, Zaha Malik Sher are five sisters who were alternately selected for CSS. The elder sister must have worked harder, after that everyone was getting coaching from home. They are the daughters of Malik Muhammad Rafiq Awan of Haripur Hazara who is retired SDO from WAPDA. They cannot be called bureaucrats. They have only daughters. He settled in Rawalpindi for his quality education. Taught in the convent. Encouraging the extracurricular activities of the daughters increased their confidence. Now these daughters are more proud than sons.

Shazia Ishaq, who belongs to a remote area of Chitral, was selected for police service. She is the daughter of a retired Subedar. She was working as a headmistress of a middle school.
Sonia Shamroz from Abbottabad became the first woman DPO of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He did not have to go to any academy. Her husband is a CSS officer. He himself prepared for the CSS exam after marriage.

Zohaib Qureshi is the son of motor mechanic Abdul Latif Qureshi of Larkana. Abdul Latif Qureshi wanted his son to become an officer. He was educated in an expensive institution beyond his means. When he died, the whole family supported Zohaib. Despite the difficulties, Zohaib has succeeded in fulfilling the wishes of his late father and family.

Rabel Kennedy from Sialkot has become the first Christian woman officer of Pakistan Foreign Service. She is the daughter of John Kennedy, a government department driver. He completed his education in the evening hours while teaching in the school and then also preparing for CSS. He had the guidance of a sincere teacher.
Prof. Dr. Saima Aram says, “My experience and observation is that for ultimate success in CSS, it is not enough to spend two to four months studying or paying a lot of money for tuition in an academy.” A special kind of mindset is necessary for this. Candidates who have good schooling, good command of English language, academic environment at home. There is political awareness and understanding, they are interested in learning about the world even apart from the curricular information, such people can get very good results if they give some extra time and attention and work in a systematic manner.

I would then say why any young man or woman with intelligence, knowledge and vast knowledge should be deprived of joining this service just because of not having a certain standard in English. Why should the door be closed for the madrassas? If there are people with such knowledge in the service, then it should not be like what was done in the past by making the economist of Planning and Development the Secretary of Endowment and Religious Affairs.
Start exam in urdu, you will get not only English expert but very competent officer.
By the way, the tendency of the rich class to come to CSS has decreased.
Now, instead of working hard, he married a CSS woman, became the son-in-law of a landlord, got his wife’s name included in the list of MNAs, MPs, and did LLB for some time. By becoming a judge for three to four years through politics, an important chamber connection or son-in-law, they are paying more attention to taking retirement benefits than the Chief Secretary. Both landlords and bureaucrats are infatuated with each other. Relationships are much more profitable than CSS. There is also a tendency among bureaucrats to make their sons flourish from their relations by setting up some industry. Sometimes, instead of taking cash bribes, they make children executives of big industrial, commercial establishments, multinationals, banks. And the highest salaries are in such institutions.

Author: Habibullah Qamar

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