Linear Programming Formulation Examples|Product Mix Lecture 5

Linear Programming formation examples in URDU - Hindi - Mth601 Short Lectures - Operations Research

In today’s lecture we will learn LLinear Programming Formulation Examples|Product Mix Lecture 5. LPP is a basic topic of Operations Research. This online video lecture is recorded in Urdu and HINDI. Today , it is Lecture No 5 with Linear Programming Formulation Examples|Product Mix Lecture 5. Linear programming is the basic and fundamental numerical skill in Operation Research to solve 2 dimensional real life wordy problems.

Formulation of LP

Second element of a problem is that there are certain constraints on the company’s ability to maximize the total contribution. These constraints are: (1) quantity of raw materials available, (2) the level of demand for the products, and (3) The equipment productive capacity.

Linear programming formulation is the first step towards its solution. In this video I have explained with two linear programming examples and their solution. Product Mix Problem is explained as first example and Ingredents mix problem is explained as second exmaple. Both Problems and their solutions in the form of Linear programming formulations are guided from Handouts of MTH601 of Virtual University in PDF format.

Linear Programming Formulations Examples Product Mix Problem Ingredients mix problems

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