Linear Programming Formulation | Operations Research Lecture in Urdu HINDI|MTH Lecture No 4

Linear Programming formation in URDU - Hindi - Mth601 Short Lectures - Operations Research

In today’s lecture we will learn Linear Programming Formulation. LPP is a basic topic of Operations Research. This online video lecture is recorded in Urdu and HINDI. VU students can also watch this because it is being taught in Virtual University of Pakistan with MTH601 Course code. Today , it is Lecture No 4. Linear programming is the basic and fundamental numerical skill in Operation Research to solve 2 dimensional real life wordy problems.

Linear Programming definition

§Linear programming is a mathematical technique designed to aid managers in allocating resources (such as labor, capital, or energy. Machines) among competing activities. §It reflects, in the form of a model, the organization’s attempt to achieve some objective (frequently, maximizing profit contribution, maximizing rate of return, minimizing costs) §In view of limited or constrained resources (available capital or labor, service levels, available machine time, budgets).

Standard form of LPP

Standard form of LPP

Formulation of LP

§To formulate a real-life problem as a linear program is an art in itself. To aid you in this task, it is helpful to isolate the essential elements of the problem as a means of asking what the clients wants and what information can be gained from the data that has been provided. §The first step in formulating a problem is to set forth the objective called the objective function.

§Second element of a problem is that there are certain constraints on the company’s ability to maximize the total contribution. These constraints are:
(1) quantity of raw materials available,
(2) the level of demand for the products, and
(3) The equipment productive capacity.

Example of LPP formation
Example of LPP formation

Linear Programming Formulation | Operations Research Lecture in Urdu HINDI Lecture No 4

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