CTI Lecturer Jobs 2021 Notification issued by Govt. of the Punjab

CTI Jobs 2021 Notification

CTI Lecturer Jobs 2021 Notification issued by Govt. of the Punjab | Government of Punjab has announced to 3,000 City lecturer jobs in public sector government colleges for BS and inter classes. These jobs will be for the contract. of in which 45000 per month salary will be given to the contract cti lecturers both male and female.
In this video I will discuss about all the information and complete information about cti lecturer jobs 2020 , and 2021.

How to apply for CTI lecturer jobs 2021

What will be the merit criteria for CTI lecturer jobs, What will be the selection criteria for CTI lecturer jobs 2021, How to apply form lecturer jobs and what is the last date for the application of CTI Jobs 2021 lecturer jobs 2021. When merit list will be e issued and how interview and when interview will be conducted all the information related to cti instructions with notification that can be downloaded from our website is here in this video.
Government of Punjab has issued a notification. Click to Download the complete CTI Lecturer Jobs 2021 Notification issued by Govt. of the Punjab.

CTI Jobs 2021 Notification

Complete Merit and Selection Criteria CTI Jobs 2021

  • Qualification for BDS will be MS M Phil and PHD if m S M Phil PhD not available then MMC may be considered.
  • Merit criteria for the city jobs 2021 will be as under:
  • Educational qualification : 85
  • Maximum qualification above master degree : 05
  • position holder in board are University : 05
  • interview marks : 05
  • Salary : 45000 / per month (4 Months contract)
  • No age Limit

CTI Lecturer Jobs 2020 – 2021 Announced – Merit, Selection Criteria, Last date

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