Introduction With the Constitution of Pakistan & Objective Resolution.

The hot topic of today’s lecture is the Constitution of Pakistan & Objective Resolution. In this lecture we are going to learn when did the 1973 constitution of Pakistan came into being. No doubt ! the 1973 constitution of Pakistan have a great honor as well as a great importance in Pakistan. Moreover there are so many characteristics of the Constitution of 1973 which we will discuss in our later posts and lectures. Similarly In this Lecture we will also discuss the The Objective Resolution and its background and Importance.

First of all we will explore what is the importance of constitution in Pakistan or in any country and why the constitution is necessary for any Nation or any Developing country. what are the main reasons which forced the starting of the process of constitution of Pakistan. As you know the process of the building of of the Constitution of Pakistan was started with a long delay. There are many reasons which are responsible for delaying of the building of the constitution of Pakistan. The founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was faced many major and critical problems after the establishment of Pakistan, Among these problems, one of the most critical problem was the building of the constitution of Pakistan.

Introduction With the Constitution of Pakistan & Objective Resolution.
Introduction With the Constitution of Pakistan & Objective Resolution.

Background Of Constitution Of Pakistan…

The story of the Constitution of Pakistan was started with the division of subcontinent into two parts.  Lord Mountbatten divided sub-continent into two parts as it was the appetency of Lord Mountbatten to divide India with his own hands.

Moreover Why Lord Mountbatten wanted to divide India with his own hands?

The main reason behind that, were the relationships of Lord Mountbatten with the family of Jawaharlal Nehru , who was the supreme leader of congress. According to the plan of 18 July 1947 division of the subcontinent came into Being by an ordinance typically known as ordinance Qanoon Azadi e Hind. There are three clauses of this “ordinance” which is titled as “Qanoon Azadi e Hind”, among three clauses of this act, one of the clause has explain when Pakistan and India will got independence , then their parliaments have rights ,to build their own constitutions according to their religion and culture.

If any Country haven’t any Constitution ? Then According to which constitution The government rule the Country?

If any country will unable to make its constitution, then that country have right or permission to implement 1935 constitution as its national constitution. The 1935’s constitution of India is a comprehensive constitution in the history of United India.

Pakistan Haven’t any Constitution till 1956 ? then on Which Constitution Pakistan will run for 9 Years?

As Pakistan After the Independence had not any constitution, then 1935’s constitution was a big source of implementation of constitution in Pakistan. if any country wants to bring some changes in the 1935 constitution , according to the conditions of the country, that country have the permission of changing in the 1935 constitution.

So Quaid e Azam give the duty of the development of constitution of Pakistan to Liyaqat Ali Khan, and liaquat Ali Khan brings basic movement in his parliament for the development of the constitution of Pakistan titled as “Qarardad e Maqasid” .Moreover There are two famous Qrardad’s in the history of Pakistan , Firstly” Qarardad e Pakistan ” which was passed on “23rd march 1940” and secondly is “Qaradad e maqasid” which was passed on ” 12 March 1947″.

Objective Resolution(Qaradad e Maqasid)

Objective resolution is now the basic part of the “Constitution of Pakistan”, which is titled as 1973’s constitution. Similarly when we go to the depth of objective resolution that Who were the builders of the objective revolution?

So the answer is ! The builders of objective resolution are the Islamic scholars of the country who have played a key role in the development and in the construction of objective resolution as well as the constitution of Pakistan. the board who is responsible for the building of objective resolution consist of high profile and famous scholars including Dr hamidullah ,Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, Maulana Zafar insari and Mufti Shafi. However After a great struggle , A long lasting discussion of 3 months , these scholars become successful in the development of a resolution which was also accepted by the non Muslim minorities of Pakistan titled as “Objective Resolution”.

What is the Role of Moulana Zafar Insari in the Constitution of Pakistan/ Objective Resolution.

Moreover Maulana Zafar Insari was also the member of Pakistan National Assembly and his son doctor suffer is hard in saree was retired as a ” Rector of international Islamic University”. However now we are discussing the roots and the backgrounds of the “Objective resolution” and the connection of objective resolution with the constitution of Pakistan 1973.

Who was Dr Hamidullah and his Role in Objective Resolution?

Similarly, Doctor Hamidullah was not only the scholar of sub-continent but also a great scholar of Islamic world. Moreover Dr hamidullah also play his role in the construction of objective resolution he was graduated from Jamia Osmania and migrated from Hyderabad India. further more doctor hamidullah got his doctorate degree from Jamia Osmania . Moreover Dr hamidullah is a writer of a famous book named as “Khutbat e bahawalpur”.

Similarly you have a great interaction with the names and the history of Syed Sulaiman Nadvi and Mufti Shafi. In short ! These Scholars have played their role in the construction and development of objective resolution which was now it is part of 1973 is constitution.

Who Bring the Objective Resolution on the Floor of Parliament?

Liyaquat Ali Khan was bring this “Objective Resolution” on the floor of parliament . moreover Allama Shibli nomani have a great speech on this objective resolution on the floor of national assembly and this speech is now easily found. This speech was specifically in the favour of this “Objective resolution ” Allama Shibli Nomani was strongly in the favor of this objective resolution which was presented by “liaqat Ali Khan”

Role of Allama Shibli Noumani | the Constitution of Pakistan / Objective Resolution

Allama Shibli nomani the companion of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali jinnad and liaquat Ali Khan he was also the companion of Sardar Abdul nashta Allama Shibli nomani was designated with responsibility to face those people who are against to the Islamic law against to the Islamic constitution of Pakistan and Allama Shibli nomani is to fight those people who want to drink is secular law in the Pakistan and make this is secular state. moreover the number of non Muslim members of national Assembly was increased and reached to the number of 16 who donot want the implementation Islamic law in the constitution of Pakistan and want to make Pakistan a secular state.

similarly now a big question is raising in your mind that either Objective Resolution is constitution , a ordinance or a guideline?

What is Objective Resolution?

Objective resolution is not an Ordinance and constitution as well .objective resolution consist of the major guidelines on which the constitution of Pakistan will have based. The objective resolution draws a boundary, for your Parliament for the development of ordinances and constitution. however your Parliament have not permission or authority to make a law which is beyond the boundary of the guidelines of “Objective Resolution”.

Similarly the objective resolution was included in the constitution of 1956 as well as the constitution of of 1962 and 1973, Moreover, it was officially added as a part of the “Constitution of 1973 “in 1985.

Why objective resolution is added the constitution of 1973 as an official part of 1973 is constitution?

Why Objective resolution is set as guideline and a building block of the constitution of Pakistan?

Similalary Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and liaquat Ali Khan wants the constitution of Pakistan based on the rules of Islam, so the objective resolution is set as the guideline and a building block of the constitution of Pakistan because objective resolution is based on the Islamic guidelines Islamic rules and Islamic laws.

Lecture on the Constitution Of Pakistan By Professor Younus Meo | Professor Government College of Commerce

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