How can I become a CSP officer in Pakistan? CSS Pakistan.

CSS stands for civil superior services . Bureaucracy is playing a vital role in the progress and prosperity of the country , Without bureaucracy the civil operations of the country will not run. In this article we are going to learn How to Do CSS in Pakistan | How to Prepare for CSS | Civil Services Preparation for Working Professionals . Moreover in this article we will also discuss the main reasons of failing in CSS Exam.

The civil person/person with a lot of power in civil sector is known as a bureaucrat. However if you want to become a man of power or a bureaucrat then you have to pass CSS exam . Similarly those who have passed civil superior services examinations are known as CSP officers. Everyone wants to be a CSP officer , obviously everyone wants this status, because CSP Officer is a symbol of Power and Elite government official.

In this article we will discus the main reasons that why most people fail in the CSS Exam and How can someone clear or pass this Exam.

Everyone wants to be CSP officer but Everyone is not become a CSP Officer this is a big mystery in my views. There is big story of dedication, hard work and a strong level of commitment uncovered behind any CSP Officer.

Why Everyone wants to be a CSP and Everyone is not become a CSP Officer?

Every person wants to become more powerful in our society and everybody wants protocol in the society here I am talking about the protocol we give to our rich and powerful family members, but when we talks about CSP protocol then who will not want that type of protocol in the society. So this is the main and the most important reason that why everybody wants to become a CSP in our society. Obviously Everyone wants a car with blue router and guard as well as a lot of power in the society. However Everyone will not become CSP Officer In this Article we will also discuss the details and circumstances that why every person will not become a CSP officer.

The Main Rationale Why People Fail in CSS Exams

  • Firstly Lack of Commitment
  • Secondly Lack of Dedication
  • Thirdly Lack of Consistency
  • Fourthly Lack of Confidence

What is Commitment ?

Commitment means engagement or a promise with yourself to do something for a special cause . Similarly in other words Commitment means doing a hard struggle and doing a promise with yourself for getting something , get any goal at any cost.

If you have a high commitment level and want to pass this exam then you will have to promise with yourself to work hard for this preparation. Hardworking is the Key of Success and success chooses those who committed with their self to gain it on any cost.

Lack of Commitment | How to do Css in Pakistan?

Similarly If you don’t have any commitment level as well as you put this activity as a part time JOB with no any courage and promise in yourself . So with this attitude you will definitely fail in the CSS EXAM. Moreover this above described phenomenon is known as Lack of Commitment.

In Conclusion if you have a promise with yourself , if you have a great engagement level with CSS or If you have a courage to pass this exam at any cost with any effort then CSS exam is not a difficult task for you .

What is Dedication ? | How to Do CSS in Pakistan?

The quality or state or commitment of being loyal to any person , cause at any cost at any level. Moreover if you are loyal sincere with your self then you will be called as dedicated person. After commitment Dedication is the key to success.

Similarly Firstly your commitment level,

Secondly your punctuality ,

Thirdly your positive attitude ,

Fourthly your personal interests ,

your habits of getting things done ,

will leads you towards the approach known as strong dedication.

Lack of Dedication ?

Lack of dedication means when you are not loyal with your commitment ,goal or cause. Similarly When you put your goal at second priority then you will become DISLOYAL to your AIM and Goal . Moreover this Disloyalty will leads towards Lack of Dedication.


If you are committed but not dedicated then you are on stake .

Similarly Dedication and commitment are dependent of each other .

Moreover Dedication and Commitment Level are directly proportional to each other.

However if one from both is increasing then the second should or must be increase .

In Conclusion If you have a strong Level of commitment and Dedication then CSS EXAM is not Difficult.

You will easily pass CSS Exam with strong Dedication and Commitment . However in Contrast if you have not these qualities then this process is known as Lack of Dedication .

If you have lack of dedication then its very difficult to pass CSS EXAMS for you .

What is Consistency? | How to do CSS in Pakistan ?

Consistency means remains the Same . Similarly In other words consistency means regularly doing a specific task. Moreover Consistency means weather you are busy or not or stuck in many other substances but you have to fulfil your duty in any way.

Lack of Consistency

When you are committed with your self about CSS exams and start preparing it with dedication then you should be consistent , Consistency is the Third key of Success . Consistency is directly proportional to the Commitment and dedication . Moreover the more you are dedicated , committed the more you have to be consistent .

In Conclusion Consistency is very important if you are attempting for doing the same task regularly then definitely you will get success one day . So If you are committed , dedicated and also consistent then there are great chances of success for you to Pass this Big Exam .

Lack of Confidence | How to do CSS in Pakistan?

Confidence Means Feeling sure of your self . If you know your ability of doing any task then you are confident. Leck of confidence means you donot have trust on your abilities for doing any task . Over Confidence means when you dont have ability of doing any task but you are confident for doing it. However Confidence is very important Many aspirants and applicants will loose their confidence when they listen from people that CSS is impossible for you . This is the main reason of many people loosing Faith in CSS exam.

If you have all above qualities but not confidence then it will be very difficult for you to pass the Competitive Exam.


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