Factors of Perception | BBA-104 Introduction to Psychology in urdu hindi – Lecture-9 | Chapter 4

Factors of Perception |BBA-104 Introduction to Psychology in urdu hindi - Lecture-9 | Chapter 4

In this lecture we are going to discuss Factors of perception in psychology in URDU Hindi | Introduction to Psychology BBA104 | PSY101 short lectures. In this Factors of perception in psychology we will cover all course outline topics through online lectures including Factors of perception / perception examples / concept of perception as well as process of perception . Factors of perception pdf notes /perception examples notes and handouts are available at theiteducation.com. If you are facing difficulties in the development of Sensation and Perception assignments and their quizlet feel free to contact us on 03096055938 WhatsApp for free and paid couching services and assignments.

The Topics which are covered in this lecture are


Factors of Perception


•Perception means to obtain integrated information about the things. How perception process is carried out?

•Five senses ….sense any event or object

Sensation – a mental process in which sent by stimuli though associative nerves of organs.

•The sensation is unclear until it is interpreted into meanings.

•Thus : Perception is concrete and complex mental process. After birth it develops gradually as a result of maturation and learning.

Learning and maturation is the source of perception development.

•A child can not differentiate in a ball, an apple and orange until he/she is told by his mother. His mother cannot tell him until a suitable age.

•Thus we can say, perception is attained by giving meanings to sensations and retaining it in memory for future. It is also agreement between thinking and responses to stimuli.

•Pillsbury    defines   perception = sensation + meanings •Ruch says perception = sensation + thinking

•Morgan defines perception is to know, differentiae and give meaning to things.

•Wundt regards perception as a creative synthesis in which sensation, thinking, learning and memory are finally organized. –Perception = sensation + meanings + thinking + memory

Perception is compound, complex and creative mental process which function in understanding and adjustment. •It is an active mental process which organizes sensory information and experience in a meaningful form.

Sensation is a passive mental process related to external stimuli not to learning and experience.

Sensations do not change while perception may change according to the past learning and thinking. •Different people may have different perception to same stimuli.

Factors of Perception

Subjective factors –As we mentions the person is subject hence his/her own self internal and psychological states that help him/her to perceive

Objective factors –are found in the physical environment knows as stimuli. Strong stimuli become forceful to stimulate a subject to perceive.

Social factors –Related to need and interest of group of society in which he belongs. Man is social animal, he can not led his life alone.

Subjective Factors

Freshness  : Sleep, Fresh after taking bath,

Interest –Natural or innate or unlearned interest –Learned or acquired interest –Temporary interest –Permanent interest

Age : changes as increase in age

Mental Capacity : Higher intelligence, maturity, and good memory makes perception better

Objective factors

•Found in physical environment known as stimuli. Attractive to get attention of the subject. Strong stimuli can enforce perception •Intensity (شدت) : strength of stimuli, between min and max threshold

Extensity (وسعت) : More extensive can be perceived earlier, for example bold letters in text.

Distinct and striking , Movement, Duration and abrupt change.

Social Factors

Need and interest of the group of the society. Man need friends, teachers, family, relatives, caste and belief.

Social values : beliefs and thoughts of forefathers

Attitudes : you own way of opinion

Stereotypes : Fixed thinkers, through inheritance, prejudice , prejudgment

Suggestions : accepting others thoughts, plans from social, political and religious leaders as per likes and dislikes of elders

Factors of Perception | BBA-104 Introduction to Psychology in urdu hindi – Lecture-9 | Chapter 4

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Author: A.J. Bhatti