Election Officer Test Syllabus and Preparation 2020 Jobs

election officer test 2020 preparation and syllabus

Election Officer Test Syllabus 2020 has been issued by a press release by Election Commission. Election Officer Test Preparation for Jobs 2020 has been started online. Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a press release about the Election Officer jobs 2020 syllabus on 22 December 2020 then. Election Officer Grade 17 jobs was announced in public newspapers bye Election Commission of Pakistan in May 2020. Due to pandemic coronavirus job examination and selection test was postponed. Election commission has finalized the test date. Test will be conducted on 07-March-2021.

Election Officer BPS 17 jobs were announced and total 59 seeds with 30 years maximum age limit were announced. Then, as per press release of election commission of Pakistan here is the syllabus for Election Officer jobs 2020 test preparation. This syllabus will constituted on English, constitution of Pakistan 1973, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies everyday Sciences and current affairs. Hence, As per press release issued by the election commission of Pakistan all the candidates who had applied for the post of Election Officer BPS 17 are informed buy a press release about the exact percentage of syllabus.

  • English (30%)
  • The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 ( Pan-I, II & VIII) and Election Act 2017 (30%)
  • Islamiyat (10%)
  • Pakistan Affairs (10%)
  • Current Affairs (10%)
  • Every day Science (10%)

Currently, This time election commission of Pakistan has changed the syllabus and pattern of exam as previously conducted pattern in Election Officer past papers. Election Commission of Pakistan has also not announced Election Officer test dates 2020 yet but they have advised the aspirants of Election Officer jobs 2020 to regularly visit website of election commission of Pakistan about the information of test date and the examination centre about Election Officer test too.

Election Officer Jobs Paper Pattern

A written paper including 100 MCQs from above mentioned syllabus will be conducted. Therefore, Total allotted time for the Election Officer exam test would be 1.30 Hours. It is same as PPSC conduct the test. Still no information about the Selection Criteria and Merit and negative marketing. At last, the merit will be set.

We are offering collection Officer jobs 2020 test preparation online with the help of live and recorded videos on the subject of English, knowledge Pakistan Studies and current affairs along with everyday Sciences simultaneously. We have successfully conducted the the best preparation classes of Punjab Public Service Commission lecturer jobs sub inspector jobs and tahsildar and night tahsildar jobs previously then. We provide election Officer jobs 2020 notes past papers solved MCQs.

Election officer Jobs 2020 Syllabus and Preparation – Online Test Preparation

Election officer Jobs 2020 Syllabus online Preparation – Pakistan Constitution 1973 Preparation

Election officer Jobs 2020 | Syllabus online Preparation – Pakistan Constitution 1973 Lecture 2. #ECP #ElectionOfficer #ElectionOfficer #TestPreparation #Jobs Contact : 0309-6055938 As per syllabus notification issued by Election Commission of Pakistan. 30% paper of Election Officer test will be from constitution of Pakistan 1973 and election act 2017. Today we are with professor Muhammad Younes Meo, having a PhD scholar degree in Islamic Studies equally art and Pakistan Studies will talk to us about constitution of Pakistan 1973. In Election Officer job preparation lecture number 1 about Pakistan constitution yesterday we discussed about objective resolution and the bases for objective resolution. Explain about objective resolution how objective resolution and contributes in framing the constitution of Pakistan in 1956 and in 1973. We will also try to to show you past papers of Android top 100 MCQs of constitution of Pakistan 1973 on our web portal.

Election officer Jobs 2020 | Syllabus online Preparation – Pakistan Constitution 1973 Lecture 2

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