Election Officer Test Syllabus and Preparation 2020 Jobs | Test Date Announced

election officer test 2020- Test Date Announced - Online preparation and syllabus

Election officer Jobs 2020 | Test Date Announced | Syllabus and Preparation – Online Test Preparation. Election officer Jobs 2020 Syllabus and Preparation – Online Test Preparation. #ElectionOfficer #TestPreparation #Jobs Contact : 0309-6055938. Test Date 07- March 2021 New Announcement Election Commission of Pakistan has issued another press release about course outline and test date for the post of Election Officer jobs 2020. Election Officer Grade 17 jobs were announced in public newspapers by Election Commission of Pakistan in May 2020. Election commission has already issued an press release for Syllabus in December 2020.

Total 59 seeds were announced with 30 years maximum age limit were announced. Now Test Date for Election officer Jobs test is finalized to 07 March 2021. ELECTION OFFICERS (BS-17) COURSE OUTLINE AND EXAMINATION DATE 1. English 30% 2. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 (Part I, II & VIII) and Elections Act, 2017 30% 3. Islamiyat 10% 4. Pakistan Affairs 10% 5. Current Affairs 10% 6. Everyday Science 10% The examination will be Multiple Choice Questions based, consisting of 100 marks and duration of the exam will be one and a half hour. The Election Officer (BS-17) examination shall be conducted on 7 th March, 2021. Call letters will be issued soon. Visit website regularly for updates.



Election officer Jobs 2020 | Test Date Announced | Syllabus and Preparation

Election Officer Jobs Test Date Announced

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