How to join School Education Department as Educator (ESE,SESE,SSE)

“How to join School Education Department as Educator (ESE,SESE,SSE)” is burning question for everyone now a days. NTS has announced a pre assessment test few weeks ago. Govt has rejected the news and issued a notification that PPSC would conduct 38000 or more educators in school education department now. We have not confirmed with this news yet. But rumors are around tje social media through a notification that PPSC will advertise Educators jobs ib punja. And will recruitment will be done.

How to join Educators jobs in Punjab schools now?

This is taken from viral social media news that a Recruitment Agency claimed that According to latest School education department Policy only PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) can take Tests & Interviews for all the Educators (ESE, SESE, SSE). NTS is 100% cancelled in Punjab Province.

Educator Paper Type:

For the Seats of Educators, a one 100 marks paper of General Tests was observed. like all others posts of PPSC a general paper is expected for all cadre. No Specific paper for Specific Degree holder, Whatever your degree is, there is a just a general paper.

50%( math physics chemistry biology botany) 50%( g.k current affairs math science urdu Islamic study pak study)

This is the observation of recommended junior ESE from PPSC this year.

Interview Type:
Interview questions are random totally but the Subject specialization is too much important for candidates. They can ask anything and 80% people knows the interviews are general not pet questions are expected in any interviews.
For the instant they ask “Haan Bhai Is lafz ka urdu me meaning btao” and after a sec they ask subject related concepts mostly from Matric FSc BSc.
For example it’s my interview you can see the simplicity of the interview as Subject is physics .
Dated 30 Oct 2019.
Interview for the post of ESE (Science) PPSC Physics

Inertia Kia ha?
Linear inertia kisy kehty Hain?
Rotational inertia Kia hota ha?
Projectile motion explain.
Range Ka formula likho..
Maximum range Ka angle btao..
Maximum height kB attain Hoti..
Range kin factor pr depends??
Msc ky final sem me knsy subject perhy name btao..

Spectroscopy Kia Hoti..
Light ky andar knsi gas ha.. how u find..
Ensamble Kia ha Grand canonical btao..
Maxwell Boltzmann law Kia thermo me..
Experimental physics me Kia kch parha?
Remote sensing pta ha?
Thermistor Kia hota ha?
Difference between thermistor resistors?
Guided missile projectile motion follow krty?

What is best qualities of teacher? Right three in ascending order..

Acha Chor Koi ik quality btao teacher ki Jo SB sy best ho tmhry nazdeeq..

Eligiblity Criteria:

M.Sc & M.A (16 years of Concept)

Note only master degree holders are allowed.
PPSC advertisement mentioned all the degrees type for the Posts.
Mostly for sciences, Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology are favorable.
Computer Science subject has its own separate seats.
For Arts they will Mention the subject clearly.

Procedure: (Sharing my Personal Experience and my juniors, Seniors & Officers Suggestions)

For PPSC, Imtiaz Shahid Model paper any edition can be used for preparation of 100 marks paper. Secondly, hundred of GK, Current affairs, Isl, Pak Study, General Science MCQS are rotating in the groups and present in the books prepare and revise accordingly.
Everyone has its own preparation style.

Author: Habibullah Qamar

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