CS708 Assignment 2 Help Guideline 2018

CS708 Assignment No 2 2018 help and guideline video will help you how to create requirement tractability matrix for a given scenario . in this video Another old scenario is discussed and show how first you need to define Business requirements and then Technical requirements and at last you need to build test cases for this.

CS708 Assignment No 2 2018

Each bank has an online banking system to perform its day to day activities such as Account Opening, Cheque Book issuance, Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Bill Payment, Generating Account Statement, Processing Car Loan, Processing Home Loan, Generating Demand Draft and Account Closing.

1. Requirements-Requirements Traceability Matrix
2. Requirements-Design Traceability Matrix

CS708 Assignment No 2 2018 Guideline

CS708 Assignment No 2 2018 update video with requirement – requirement matrix and req-design matrix explanation


CS708 Assignment No 2 2018 Sample Solution

We intend to develop a software product for the agriculture domain; our focal point is to maximize the yield per acre but monitoring the inflow of raw material used in the production of different agricultural product. Our main focus is to find out the cost per field which includes cost of human resource, cost of transport (fuel), pesticides used to spray the field and other miscellaneous expenses like electricity etc. We need to design a system which should cater for the need of the farm and should give a very transparent view to the owner of the farm about daily cost per field.  Usually plots are divided into fields and human resource is allocated to the plot instead of field and same is the case with transport and pesticide which is creating a major bottleneck to capture the required information. There is a supervisor for a plot and under supervisor there are multiple assistants to whom multiple fields within a plot are allocated. The process of data capturing starts early in the day when human resource is distributed per field and record is maintained in the head office; tractors are used to transport the human resource to the plots and from plot human resource are divided into per field. Pesticides are allocated on daily for each plot and same process is opted to distribute the pesticide as used in distribution of human resource.  In addition to it; record of issuance of pesticide is maintained by the store keeper and supervisor is responsible for the utilization of the pesticide. When the product at the field is ready for selling, the process of collection of the product takes place, during this process the waste product record and actual product record per plot is maintained on daily basis during the days of collection. The actual production is transported to the packing house where the product is packed and ready for transfer to the market for selling.  Currently cost per plot is calculated but cost per field is not calculated or we can say that the current process does not enable the owner of the land to calculate the cost per field.


Based on the above scenario (also given in assignment no. 1) you are required to develop a requirement traceability matrix. (Requirement traceability topic is discussed in lecture no. 20)



First we assemble the business requirements.

BR1 Admin Needed
BR2 Data Authentication
BR3 Audit officer
BR4 External Affair Manager
BR5 Check the capacity
BR6 Check the performance
BR7 Security
BR8 Reliability

Now we define the technical requirements

TR1 We need good authority
TR2 Data comparison should be done in a good way
TR3 Need a person who keeps good record
TR4 A person who is good in dealing with external problems
TR5 How much can we expect from our system?
TR6 How well is the system working?
TR7 Authentication at different levels like user login and password
TR8 Can we depend on our system?

Now we setup the test cases.

Name Login Check
Comparison Check the performance
Record Go to history
Challenges Problem and target list


Now its time for the requirement traceability matrix.

BR1 TR1 T1, T2
BR2 TR2 T1, T2
BR3 TR3 T3
BR4 TR4 T4
BR5 TR5 T4
BR6 TR6 T4
BR7 TR7 T1
BR8 TR8 T2

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