Learn how to install SPSS for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

There is wide range of software’s that are used for statistical purposes like Stata, SAS and SPSS. Our article Learn How to Install SPSS software for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 help you and guide you to learn how to install SPSS. SPSS stands for and the meaning of SPSS is Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. SPSS is responsive and versatile program which is designed for the statistical purposes. Not only the statistician but also the university students need it to install and work with SPSS for their research purposes. SPSS helps the organizations and also individuals when they are working with data.

Our article helps the beginners who want to Learn How to Install the SPSS for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10? What is SPSS? Why we use SPSS? What are the features of SPSS?  What are the functions of SPSS?

SPSS is the product of IBM. It facilitates the statistician to work more efficiently. SPSS is used to create charts and graphs. It is used to analyze data, making frequency of variables.

Step 1: Click on this link to download SPSS.


Step 2.  A window appear. Click on Try SPSS Statistics for free option.

Step 3. A new window appear. Fill form and click continue.

After completion of this form. Submit it and start downloading. Downloading will be complete.

Step 4: Double click on Zip file of SPSS.  If you don’t have WinRAR, Read our article Learn How to Install Winrar.

Step 5: Folder of SPSS appear in Winrar. Extract it.

Step 6: Double Click on it. A context menu appear.  Double Click on Setup.

Step 7: Setup executable file will be appear. Double Click on it to Run. Confirmation message will be appear Click to Allow or RUN option.

Step 8: Installation Process will be start.

Step 9: licensed terms and condition will be appear. Click on NEXT.

Step 10: Install Shield Wizard Appear. Select the Single User License option. Click on Next option.

Step 11: Software license agreement appear. Click on I Accept the terms in the license Agreement and Click on Next Button.

Step 12: Enter User name and organization name and click on Next button.

Step 13: If you want to select an additional language than click on the language or not, Click on Next button.

Step 14: Next option of the destination folder will be appear. If you want to change than click on Change option or not, Click on Next.

Step 15: Installation Wizard will appear. Click on Install.

Step 16: Installation Will be start.

Step 17: If you want to update automatically SPSS than check the auto update option else click on Ok.

Step 18: Product authorization menu will appear. Select License my product Now.

Step 19: It will ask Authorization Code. Copy and Paste below Code in box.  And click on next.


Step 20: License Installation Status appear, If it is successful, Click on Next.

Step 21: Installation process is complete now, Click on Finish.

Installation process is now complete and you can use it from Start button.

We are hopeful our article will help you to learn how to install SPSS. We are especially thankful to Nice lady Eva-Maria Sabine Kroells, Who gives us motivation to write this article. If you want to watch video and learn how to install SPSS run below video.

Author: A.J. Bhatti

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