CS724 Assignment Help IDEA ETVX Model with Extreme Programming

Cs724 assignment No 1 for Spring 2018 is about creative activity of integration of ETVX model into Extreme Programming. This solution idea video will help you how you can solve this. There may be different ways you think . the best will be by listening this and then thinking and creating yourself.


Extreme Programing (XP) is one of the widely used agile models in software industry. You will find the complete explanation of XP life cycle in research paper named “SPI-Paper 1” attached with this assignment. You are required to introduce ETVX pattern in XP and answer the following.  


  1. Provide the updated XP life cycle after introducing ETVX pattern in pictorial view (SDLC Picture) by keeping in view the Fig. 1 of provided paper.                            (20 marks)


Provide the description of each phase of updated XP after introducing ETVX and explain how this pattern affected the XP lifecycle.

Solution Guideline

Here is Given solution video


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