CS701 Final Term Preparation Guideline Video/Mega Papers

CS701 Final Term mega Preparation

This video lecture is recorded to help MSCS students of VU in CS701. This is a complete guideline session organized 100% free. CS701 MEGA final Term preparation class will explain its intended learners How cs70w final term paper pattern was set in past and what will be the expected type of questions. What type of cs701 final term questions are asked in final term exam.

cs70a final term exam questions are taken from lecture no 23-45. There are four types of questions are asked in the final term papers. You may find many Final Term mega preparation files online from different resources. We will also share final term FB link for cs701 Final term mega file at the end of this post.


CS701 Final Term Exam Syllabus

  • A definition of Information, Incompressible Strings, Complexity Theory, Big Oh and Little Oh Notations, Time Complexity, Non-Deterministic Time, The Class P, The Class NP, Polynomial Time Verifiers, Subset Sum Problem, Satisfiability, NP-Completness, 3-Color Problem, The Cook-Levin Theorem, Independent Sets Problem, Clique, Vertex Cover, Hamiltonian Path Problem, The Subset Sum Problem, The Traveling Salesman Problem, Space Complexity, Relationship between Space and Time Complexity, PSPACE-Completeness, TQBF, Prove that TQBF is PSPACE-Complete, FORMULA-GAME, Generalized Geography, LOGSPACE Transducer, Prove the Theorem: NL = co-NL.
  • This syllabus is covered two chapers of Sir Michael Sisper book Introduction to computation Chapter 7 and Chapter 8.

CS701 Final Term Sample Paper Questions

  • Chapter Exmaples
  • Chapter Theorems / Proof
  • Numerical examples / Proofs discussed in slides and book chapters
  • Definitions
  • Exercise questions of Chapter 7 and Chapter 8

CS701 Final Term Sample Paper of a Student

  • Today 8:30 am CS701 paper1. About MAX-CLIQUE
    2. About PAL-ADD
    3. NP-Completness for SAT-NAT PROBLEM
    4. P=NP & reduced to 3-SAT
  •  scheduling list of final exams
    2- multi-SAT is NP-complete
    3- Nim-Game
    4- show that we obtain from 3SAT to SAT in 3CNF es trha ka tha..

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CS701 Final Term Preparation Guideline Mega Video

CS701 Final Term Mega Preparation File Link

Cs701 Final Term Solution Manual Chapter 7 and 8 Introduction to Theory of Computation by sir Sisper


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