CS702 Final Term Preparation Guideline

CS702 Final Term Preparation

This video lecture is recorded to help MSCS students of VU in CS702. This is first part of the sessions organized 100% free CS702 MEGA class for final term preparation. It will be explained how cs702 final term paper pattern is set. What type of cs702 final term questions are asked in final term exam.

cs702 final term exam questions are taken from lecture no 23-45. There are four types of questions are asked in the final term papers. You may find many Final Term mega preparation files online from different resources.

CS702 Final Term Exam Syllabus

  • Optimal Binary Search Tree
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Pseudo Codes of Algorithm
  • Mathematical Analysis of Algorithms
  • Numerical in slides and recommended book Examples
  • Cryptosystem numerical
  • Mathematical examples
  • Past papers for learning question format

CS702 Final Term Sample Paper Questions

  • Pseudo Codes
  • Algorithms
  • Numerical examples / Proofs
  • Definitions
  • Mathematical questions from slides or recommend book (hard luck)
  • Execution of an algorithms – conversion of tree/ graph etc

CS702 Final Term Sample Paper of a Student

  • 1: Find a recursive formula to compute number of edges in a complete graph on n vertices. [5 Marks]
  • 2: Write the pseudocode of KRUSKAL algorithm. [5 Marks]
  • 3: Prove that for any integer n and any prime number p, if p divides n then p does not divide n + 1. [5 Marks]
  • 4: Encrypt message STOP using RSA cryptosystem with p = 43, q = 59 and e = 13, n = pq = 2537. [5 Marks]
  • 5: Prove that the CLIQUE problem is NP-complete. [10 Marks]
  • 6: Write the Prim’s Algorithm of minimum spanning tree. [10 Marks]
  • 7: Prove that for all integers n, if n2 is divisible by 7 then n is divisible by 7. [10 Marks]
  • 8: What is an optimal Huffman Code and binary tree for the following set of frequencies. [10 Marks]

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CS702 Final Term Preparation Guideline Mega Video Part 1

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