How to Install Haskell on Windows 10|GHC Platform

learn how to install haskell Step by Step guide

If you want to create and run Haskell programming language programs on your computer in Windows 10. This step by step guide and video guideline about Haskell installation will teach you how to install Haskell GHC on windows 10. Haskell Programming environment can be instlled on Windows 7,8,10. Haskell is a general purpose, purely functional programming language. This article will help you  you to learn how to install Haskell in a video demonstration for your easiness. explain in urdu and hindi demonstration for a beginner user how he/she can follow step by step guideline installation of Haskell on Windows 10. Haskell is purely advanced functional language.

How to Install Haskell on windows Step by Step guide

Part 1 : How to download Haskell Platform (GHC)

GHC is the recommended way to get started with programming Haskell is the Haskell Platform. This GHC Platform comes the de-facto standard Haskell compiler, with many useful tools that enable a novice/ beginer user to write, compile and run programs of Haskell easily. This Haskell installation is easy and simple enough on most operating systems.

Step 1: Google ” Haskell Platform”

Similarly Step 2: Click on official link for Haskell Platform download

Step 3: You may click on direct link for downloading Haskell given below


Note : You must know about your Operating system version either 32bit or 64 bit before downloading Haskell platform properly.

How to install Haskell - download GHC plateform

How to start Installation of Haskell – Part 2

Step 4:  Browse to downloaded Haskell file

Now Step 5 : Double click or Run the file and follow the installation process

Step 6: Be Default Haskell will be installed in Program Files folder but you may change it as demonstrated in How to install Haskell video at the end of this article.

How to install Haskell - program files folder

How to Install Haskell Part 3 – Checking installation of Haskell

One you completed the installation process, now you need to check have you successfully installed the Haskell Platform.

Step 7: Open a Command Prompt terminal in windows

Step 8 : Type ghci (the name of the executable of the GHC interpreter) at the command prompt. Alternatively, if you are on Windows, you may choose WinGHCiin the Start menu.

How to install Haskell - verify GHC

    Prelude> 2+2

Moreover  you are presented with a prompt. The Haskell system now attentively awaits your input.

Write your first Haskell program “Hello World”

Source :

Similarly If you’ve learned to program another language, your first program probably was “Hello, world!”, so let’s do that:

Prelude> "Hello, World!"
"Hello, World!"

However The Haskell system evaluated the string, and printed the result. Or we can try a variation to print directly to standard output:

Prelude> putStrLn "Hello World"
Hello World

Similarly Using a Haskell compiler, such as GHC, you can compile the code to a standalone executable. Create a source file hello.hs containing:

main = putStrLn "Hello, World!"

Moreover  compile it with:

    $ ghc -o hello hello.hs

However You can then run the executable (./hello on Unix systems, hello.exe on Windows):

    $ ./hello
    Hello, World!

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Author: A.J. Bhatti