CS504 Short Lectures & Notes for Midterm & Final term Preparations

CS504 Short Lectures & Notes for Midterm & Final term Preparations

If you are enrolled in CS504 Software Engineering-I course in Virtual university in any of your degree program i.e BSCS, BSIT, BSSE, MCS and MIT. Then you landed on a right place where you can find all CS504 Short Lectures, Notes, Past papers, MCQs with Answers for best Midterm & Final term Preparations. TheITeducation.com is the best plate-from to get yourself prepare for prepare for CS504 Software Engineering-I course.

Here you will find all CS504 Short Lectures videos which are the best and easy way to learn the concepts and short and highlighted CS504 hangouts. We will also provide you the CS504 Past Papers MCQs that would help a Vu Student to get good marks and CGPA in CS504 Software Engineering-I course. These CS504 Short videos, notes, Past papers and Mcqs with answers will help to attempt your quizzes, to help you find CS504 Assignment solutions, Grand quiz, Midterm preparation and final term preparation. All these online short video Lectures are recorded in Urdu and Hindi Language.

CS504 Software Engineering-I

CS504 Short lectures are recorded for Software Engineering I in Urdu and Hindi. CS504 Software engineering is a course taught in Virtual University. All vu students of BSCS, BSSE, BSIT, MCS, MIT study this course as it is the part of all study schemes of computer sciences, information technology and software engineering undergraduate programs. These online video short lectures are also useful for the students of any university studding in BSCS, BSIT, BSSE and Msc IT and Computer Science. A simple urdu and hindi language is used to explain all important course outline of the software engineering disciplines. following key topics are discussed in these short online video lectures.

CS504 Course details :

Introduction to Software Engineering and well engineered software, Introduction to software development, Introduction to software requirements, Levels and types of requirements Use case modeling, Documenting user requirements and use case modeling, Use case modeling ,Domain Modeling, Data flow modeling, Data flow modeling, User Interface and prototyping, Introduction to Software Design, Coupling and Cohesion, Introduction to object-oriented analysis and design, Object Oriented Analysis – Abbot’s approach, Object Modeling using UML and OOD heuristics, OOD heuristics and OOA using Coad’s methodology, Coad’s methodology, OOA and OOD – an example using Coad’s methodology, Example , Dynamic Modeling using UML Dynamic Modeling using UML, Introduction to software architecture, Software architecture – Krutchen’s model, Architectural Models Architectural Models, Introduction to design patterns, Design patterns , Coding Practices for industrial strength software and style guides, Coding Practices for industrial strength software and style guides, Coding Practices for industrial strength software and style guides, Coding Practices for industrial strength software and style guides –continued, Coding Practices for industrial strength software and style guides, Coding Practices for industrial strength software and style guides, Portability, Exception handling, Introduction to software verification and validation, Introduction to software testing ,Black box testing and Equivalence partitioning White box testing, Unit testing, Inspection, Introduction to debugging, Bug classes and effective debugging ,Holistic approach to debugging Summary and conclusion.

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CS504 Short Lectures – Software Engineering – Complete Playlist

CS504 Short Lectures | SE-I Question / Answer Session What is RE | Business vs User requirement. #CS504#VU#SoftwareEngineeing​ This online video lecture is recorded session with my student it for the subject of software engineering I. CS504 short lectures will be recorded in question answer sessions. In today first lecture my student asked 3 questions that was very basic questions about software engineering and requirement engineering. What is Requirement Engineering? What is difference between Business Requirements and User Requirement? what is Software Cost and how to calculate Cost? These are very basic questions for a new student of software engineering. As software process life cycle start with the very basic software requirement engineering phase which includes processes and practices like software elicitation software gathering software requirement gathering requirement elicitation requirement validation and verification. All these basic concepts about software requirement engineering and why we need requirement in at initial the field of software engineering all these things are discussed in Urdu and Hindi language. Second question he asked about what is difference between business requirements and user requirements. Business requirements are high level objectives and missionary type statements that are listed in the software requirement specification document while user requirements are integrity and detailed requirements that can also be known as functional and non-functional requirement software development life cycle.

CS504 Short Notes

CS201 Object Oriented programming handouts are provided by VU in every student’s accounts. These handouts can be downloaded from LMS account of the student. We will soon prepare CS504 Short Notes with Highlighted text and short MCQs with Answers. Once the CS504 short and highlighted notes will be updated will be uploaded for Free Downlead in PDF Format. You may check Our official VU Short Notes as Highlighted notes.

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