CS619 Final Project – List of Easy Projects for Spring 2021

CS619 Final Project - List of Easy Projects for Spring 2021 - Spfall 2021 cs619 list issued - how to select

Virtual University of Pakistan has announced cs619 final project list for spring 2021. As per traditions of Virtual University final year project Inspector team, more than 80 latest projects has been included in the CS619 project list for spring 2021. There are many categories of projects including web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, python desktop applications and network application. Students are given choice to use latest technologies like python, MATLAB, pHP, laravel, aSP.NET, java and Android and IOS applications.

Students are looking for the method how to select easy projects out of this CS619 final project list Supreme 2021.
I have compiled list of 17 easy projects including database applications, python desktop applications android mobile applications and ASP.NET web based application. These projects are very simple and easy for the students who have less programming background. they will find this project very easy to complete. As we know that student of Virtual University and rolled in cs619 Final year project will have to submit the following deliverables in two semesters including three different viva exams to pass cs619 final project.

As per my previous routine I will provide all the latest videos and knowledge about how to select cs6 19 Final year project in Spring 2021, how to create software requirement specification which is also called SRS for cs619 Final year project, how to make design document for CS619 and the final documentation with practical Viva exams.
Where is the list of final year projects that has been selected from the list issued by the University. Is list of easy projects is conceived by myself on the basis of my experience as a student of University. As I know that most of the students are weak in their programming practices and is simple and CS 6195 would help select the project.

  1. District playground Management system
  2. Stationary Management system…app is very simple but must be developed in python
  3. Charity Management system mobile app
  4. Early learning for child labour app
  5. Women safety app ..android
  6. Autoline.pk
  7. Book online consultant Management system
  8. Canteen automation system
  9. Covid 19 vaccine Management system
  10. Daily job alert
  11. Library Management system
  12. Job portal system
  13. Olms
  14. Animal booking
  15. Online crockery store
  16. Book buy and selling store
  17. Online notice board sys

District Playground Management System (DPMS)

Usually every district of the province has a major playground for different type of sports like cricket, hockey, football, badminton etc where the school/college students, clubs or street players play their practice/training, friendly or tournaments matches. It is required to book the playground before a competition or match by the players or teams. The playground management manually (in registers) keeps the records of matches booking and allotment for different events (matches). This manual system creates different issues like, booking of same ground for different events at the same time (slot), not utilize a ground maximum, not able to priorities the event etc. In order to overcome these issues, and utilize the playground efficiently and in proper manner, it needs to have a desktop base application. This application would store information of different grounds in the playground, booking information for different events, priorities the events, rates/fee of each ground etc.

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