What is the FIA? An Important Introduction guide to FIA and Jobs 2021

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The FIA ​​stands for Federal Investigation Agency. It was established under the FIA ​​Act, 1974 (Act VI of 1975) which was issued on 13-01-1975. The FIA ​​was set up to deal with drug trafficking, currency crimes, foreigners, immigration and passport enforcement, and inter-provincial segregation.

What is the Mission of FIA?

To promote the culture of merit, provide permanent professional training, ensure effective internal accountability, encourage the use of technology and achieve meaningful feedback in order to excel in the FIA.

What is the Vision of FIA?

A law enforcement agency that not only earns the respect of society for its professionalism and impartiality but also serves as a model for the provincial police force.

When was the FIA ​​founded?

A Federally Controlled Police Establishment, first created in 1942 during World War II, investigated the large-scale irregularities in the procurement and procurement department of the then Government of India. It was renamed the Special Police Establishment. After independence in 1947, it was renamed the Pakistan Special Police Establishment (PSPE). The requirements of the federal government for the investigation of criminal offenses are increasing and Mr. G. Ahmed in his report on “Police Reforms” recommended the establishment of a federal police organization to deal with trafficking on 07-04-1972. Currency offenses, law enforcement, immigration and passport laws, and inter-provincial segregation offenses. As a result, the FIA ​​Act, 1974 (Act VIII of 1975) was enacted on 13-01-1975, creating the Federal Investigation Agency.

Who is the head of FIA?

The FIA ​​is headed by a Director General, usually a very senior BPS 21/22 police officer with its headquarters in Islamabad. The current Director General of FIA is PSP Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed Leghari.

Who is monitoring the FIA?

What does the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) do?

The FLA’s main job is to enforce anti-trafficking laws. How do I file a complaint with the FIA ​​about human trafficking, anti-corruption, eras and cybercrime / electronic crime, including narcotics quarantine offenses, foreign, immigration and passport and inter-provincial segregation?

Click on the Complaints Center link on the FIA ​​website and enter the details of the complaint in the complaint form. The complaint will be dealt with promptly and the complainant will be informed of the grievance process

What is the FIA’s role in controlling Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a major issue nationally and internationally. Therefore, the government is focusing on it accordingly. A steering committee has been set up in the MOA to review and review anti-trafficking efforts. The Joint Secretary (Security) MOI has been designated as the focal point for communication and exchange of information. The FIA ​​is a key agency that has set up a special unit at the FIA ​​headquarters called the Anti-Trafficking Unit (ATU) to deal with all human trafficking cases more effectively.

What is the role of Interpol?
The National Central Bureau of Interpol in Pakistan was originally established in 1957. It is currently the barracks of the FIA ​​JUCTED in Islamabad. The Director General, FIA, under the Ministry of Interior, is the head of the NCB, which has direct contact with the head of the NCBs of the member countries through the ICPO Interpol HQs, the General Secretariat and modern communication networks. The NCB is a hub for international police co-operation, the fight against crime, and the amnesty of all cases involving international criminals who play a key role in monitoring, identifying, searching, arresting, interrogating, and extraditing.

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