PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Preparation Quiz no 5

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Quiz 5 is From the First half of the Third session on the Subject of Database and its fundamentals . This Quiz consists of 35 questions from which 30 question are from Computer science subject however 5 questions are General Knowledge questions. All Questions are MCQ’s Based questions.

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Quiz Syllabus

The Topics Covered in This Lecture are :

Basic database concepts, Entity Relationship modelling, Relational data model and algebra, Structured Query language, RDBMS; Database design, functional dependencies and normal forms, Transaction processing and optimization concepts, concurrency control and recovery techniques, Database recovery techniques, Database security and authorization. Small Group Project implementing a database. Physical database design: Storage and file structure, indexed files, hashed files, signature files, b-trees, files with dense index, files with variable length records, database efficiency and tuning Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Emerging Database Technologies and Applications.

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Quiz no 3 Preparation Video

Author: A.J. Bhatti