Aiou Teaching Method Workshop in face to face

DAiou Teaching Method Workshop in face to face dear Students
It is to inform you that workshops of Teaching Practice courses will be held in Face to Face mode as per the following schedule:-

Workshops of BEd (1.5 Year)

  1. Teaching Practice- II (8608): 21-27 Sep
  2. Teaching Practice- I (8607): 28-30 Sep
  3. Research Project (8613): 01-03 Oct

Workshops of BEd (2.5 year)

  1. Teaching Practice-I (8607): 28-30 Sep
  2. Teaching Practice-I (6498): 01-03 Oct
  3. Research Project: (8675): 01-03 Oct

Workshops of BEd. (4 Years) & ADE (2year)

  1. Course Code 6415: 21 Sep-04 Oct
  2. 6464 Research Project: 28-30 Sep
  3. 8657 Research Project: 22-25 Sep
  4. 8658 Long Term Internship/ Teaching Practice: 21 Sep-04 Oct
  5. 6463: Long Term Internship: 21Sep-04 Oct

BEd (Old)

  1. 0655 Teaching Practice: 21 Sep-04 Oct

Workshops of M.A/MEd Special Education

  1. 3600 Face to Face Component: 21-26 Sep 2020

Workshops of MA Teachers Education

  1. 6554/6555 Teaching Practice (I & II): 21 Sep – 04 Oct

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