PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Preparation Quiz 6

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Quiz is From the Second half of the third session on the Topic of Database and Systems . This Quiz consists of 35 questions from which 30 question are from Computer science subject however 5 questions are General Knowledge questions. All Questions are MCQ’s Based questions.

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Quiz Syllabus

Basic database concepts, Entity Relationship modelling, Relational data model and algebra, Structured Query language, RDBMS; Database design, functional dependencies and normal forms, Transaction processing and optimization concepts, concurrency control and recovery techniques, Database recovery techniques, Database security and authorization. Small Group Project implementing a database. Physical database design: Storage and file structure, indexed files, hashed files, signature files, b-trees, files with dense index, files with variable length records, database efficiency and tuning Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Emerging Database Technologies and Applications.

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Quiz no 6 Preparation Video

Author: A.J. Bhatti