PPSC Lecture Jobs 2020 | Marks and Merit Details

PPSC Lecturer Jobs 2020

The Punjab Public Service Commission has advertised for lecturer posts – Punjab must be domiciled to apply – The last date to apply is September 8.
A minimum of 2nd division in Masters Degree / BS is required to apply. Age rules and Deceased extra marks in merit can be read. There are a lot of rules and regulations about Punjab Public Service Commission jobs. The experience of PPSC lecturer jobs 2020 must read before online application. Important information for candidates are given at Punjab Public Service Commission official website before online application for a particular subject.

PPSC Lecture Jobs 2020 – How to get details

The information presented about Punjab Public Service Commission lecturer jobs on different web portals might be incomplete a are outdated as PPSC changes rules and policies day to day changes. And I will recommend you to follow the given links about the rules and regulations of Punjab Public Service Commission jobs. We are trying our best to provide the latest and the relevant information about PPSC lecture 2020 and specially for the lecturers of Computer Sciences. Almost all information related to PPSC married criteria marks calculation test preparation syllabus of different subjects is already uploaded by Punjab Public Service Commission on their official website just you need to explore and download the all PDF files and read them carefully.
To watch how to apply online for the PPSC lecturer jobs 2020 e, we have recorded the screen capturing of an online application by Mr Asad Javed Bhatti who is an also aspirant of Punjab Public Service Commission lecturer job for computer science subject.

PPSC Lecture Jobs Merit Division

1. Academics has 40 marks:
Matriculation number 5
No. 7 of Inter
11 marks of BA / B.Sc.
17 marks of MA / M.Sc.
If it is BS then 28 marks.
These marks are given on the basis of the percentage obtained.

  • 100 marks are tested for 100 MCQs- 80 questions are about the subject and 20 questions are about general knowledge etc.
  • Test marks are halved, ie the marks obtained out of 50 marks are counted instead of 100. For example, if a candidate has obtained 100/60 marks, his 50/30 marks will be counted.
  • The test has negative marking:
  • A number for a correct answer is given while a wrong answer gives a negative number of 0.25.
  • You are called for an interview based on your performance in the test.
  • 5 people are called for an interview for one seat in each subject – for example, if there are 80 seats in a subject, the above 400 candidates will be called for interview based on the test result. The final candidate’s marks will be this year’s closing merit.
  • 3- There is an interview of 100 marks for which a minimum of three and a maximum of four people are sitting in the panel:
  • A PPSC representative,
  • 2 experts in related subject and
  • A psychologist would be sitting. Sometimes there is a DR (Department Representative) instead of a Psychologist.
  • A representative of the Punjab Public Service Commission asks a personal question – the first question is Introduce Yourself in which the candidate has to state his name, area, education and educational institution etc. – The candidate has to talk about himself for at least 2 minutes. Should come – he can ask another question from the candidate’s introduction – both people related to the subject ask at least three questions – the psychologist asks you general knowledge or personal questions – the candidate’s district history, You can also ask about popular items and places – the interview can last from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • If a candidate’s father / mother was / was a civil servant and died during the service, he / she can claim 10 numbers – these 10 numbers will be given to one of all siblings.
  • Thus 40 Academics Marks + 50 Test Marks + 100 Interview Marks + 10 Claimed Marks 10 = Total 200 marks out of which the candidate is selected on the basis of merit.
  • There are usually four to five separate panel interviews a day. Candidates are allotted panels on the spot.
  • There are 2 marks for M.Phil and 3 marks for Ph.D but they are not given in every post. The post instruction would say whether these numbers will be given to you or not

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