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Assignment Problem In Operations Research In Urdu Solution by Hungarian Method - Lecture no 15

Assignment Problem in Operations Research in Urdu Solution by Hungarian Method | Assignment problem is another type of transportation problem in which the objective function is to assign a number of resources to an equal number of activities so as to minimize total cost are maximize total profit of the allocation. In today’s lecture you will be able to learn

  • What is assignment problem?
  • What are exactly meaning of assignment problem?
  • How to solve assignment problem?
  • What is Hungarian method to solve assignment problem?

Assignment Problem in Operations Research – Meanings, Definition, example

In operations research literature it has been stated that assignment problem is a special case of transportation problem in which we are given different resources with supply of one unit and we are asked to assign these resources to different persons with the condition that only one person can be assigned to one source.

Suppose there are n number of jobs to be allocated to a number of persons who are available to do this job. There is a certain cost between every job and each person. The cos table is reference represented with n by N Matrix in which we can see that each job can be represented with to each of the person. Here are the steps to solve the the assignment problem with the help of theory and method. In today’s lecture we will also try to learn what is the relationship between transportation model and assignment problem problem when we will define try to define in the video the general form of assignment problem and the special case and Cos table of assignment problem.

Assignment Problem in Operations Research in Urdu Solution by Hungarian Method Video

Today Video includes. 1. What is Assignment Problem 2. Solution by Hungarian Method 3. Formulation of Assignment Problem 4. General Form of Assignment Problem Hungarian Method will be used. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Hungarian Method Steps

STEP 1:Consider each row. Select the minimum element in each row. Subtract this smallest element form all the elements in that row.

STEP 2: We subtract the minimum element in each column from all the elements in its column.

STEP 3:In this way we make sure that in the matrix each row and each column has at least one zero element. Having obtained at least one zero in each row and each column, we assign starting from first row.

Assignment will be indicated with Square and Cross all other Zeros… x

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