Personality in Psychology , Types, Dimensions & Approaches | Introduction to Psychology in URDU | BBA104 | Psy101 Lecture 15

Personality and its theories intro to it

In this lecture we are going to discuss personality in psychology in URDU Hindi | Introduction to Psychology BBA104 | PSY101 short lectures. In this personality in psychology lecture we will cover all course outline topics through online lectures including personality characteristics / how many types of personality/personality example and what are the 4 types of personality . types of personality pdf / what is personality pdf notes and handouts are available at If you are facing difficulties in the development of personality in psychology  assignments and their quizlet feel free to contact us on 03096055938 WhatsApp for free and paid couching services and assignments.

The Topics which are covered in this lecture are | Personality in Psychology

Todays Lecture is about #Personality. Personality is derived from Latin words “per and Snare” that means “sound through” and from two Greek word “Persona” which means veil or mask. The literal meaning of persona help the behaviorists to define personality as an exhibitory aspect of an individual. Watson define personality as an exhibit of behaviors achieved as a system of habits to conditioned learning for making adjustments in environment.

Topics of today’s online video Lecture are:-

1. What is personality?

2. What different definitions of personality?

3. What are types of personality

4. What are dimensions of personality?

5. What are big Five (#OCEAN) dimensions?

6. What are different theories an approaches of personality?

Personality, Types, Dimensions & Approaches | Introduction to Psychology in URDU | BBA104 | Psy101 Lecture 15

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BBA-104 Short Lecture 5 Notes | Personality in Psychology

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Author: A.J. Bhatti