Pdf to Excel How to Convert

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to do pdf to excel for free conversion with the help of a free pdf to excel export online converter . As we are using pdf to excel for free online converter so that we are unable to use pdf to excel ocr feature. This lecture teaches you How to Convert Pdf to excel skill for online earning in Pakistan.

Step 1 | Converter pdf to excel

Open your web browser

Write pdf to excel converter in the search bar of your Search engine

Google will brings a number or free tools for this online PDF to Excel conversion

You are free to choose any of free converter and click it to open that converter

Converter pdf to excel

Step 2 |pdf to excel how to

Similarly after clicking on the converter, the pdf to Excel converter will be open

However Click on Choose Files Button

pdf to excel how to
pdf to excel how to

Then choose the location to upload the file

Click on From device if you want to upload it from your device

pdf to excel how to

Similarly a popup will be displayed on your screen

then you have to choose your specific PDF File which you want to convert.

however after choosing your file what you have to do is to click on open button to upload it.

Easy way to convert pdf file to excel

Step 3 |pdf to excel for free

Now your PDF file is uploaded

Similarly the converter will give you two options

  1. Convert To Excel
  2. Convert to Excel with OCR (Which is a pro feature)

Chose convert to Excel option and click on the conversion button

pdf to excel for free
pdf to excel for free

Similarly when the pdf file will converted

you are able to download that converted file

Click on download file

pdf to excel export
pdf to excel export

Moreover After clicking on save to device button your converted word file will starts downloading

pdf to excel online
pdf to excel online


Your pdf to Excel conversion has been completed.

Your converted file is downloaded in your machine.

Author: A.J. Bhatti