How to Add Best Youtube Channel Keywords

In this tutorial we will learn how to add youtube channel keywords so that your channel will become searchable .

Step 1 | youtube advanced settings channelkeywords

1:Open youtube

2:Sign in with your google account

3:Similarly after signing in to the youtube open channel setting

4:Click on switch account

youtube channel keywords

5: Now Select your Brand account

what are youtube channel keywords

6: After selecting your Brand account now what you have to do is to open your channel

youtubechannelkeywords example

Step 2 | How to make your youtube channel searchable

7: Now your channel’s dashboard will be open in front of you

8:However Click on Youtube Studio Button for advance settings

youtube channel keywords 2019
youtube channelkeywords 2019

Step 3 | Yotube Channel Keyword 2019

9: Similarly when youtube studio will open’s Now what you have to do is to Click on Settings button

best youtubechannelkeywords

10: After Clicking on Settings button your youtube channel setting will open

11: Click on Channel Button

best youtube channel keywords
best youtubechannel keywords

12:Channel advance settings will be open

13: Now here you are able to add your keywords ( Please do Keyword Research First then add your keyword | How to do keyword research)

14: After adding Keywords Click on Save Button to save changes.

Congratulations !!! Your Channel Keywords has been added or modified

Author: A.J. Bhatti