PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Test Preparation | Session 1 | Object Oriented Programming

PPSC Test Preparation for Lecturer Computer Science | Session 1 | Object Oriented Programming. PPSC Lecturer computer Science Syllabus and Preparation 2020 | Recommended Books, where and how to download. For best preparation of PPSC Test for Lecture post of Computer Science, You need to prepare all subjects comprehensively. Tentative List of PPSC Computer Science Syllabus subjects based on PPSC Computer science syllabus and GAT-Subject Computer Science has already been published with details course outline. Now the questions are:

  • What are recommended books for PPSC Lecturer computer Science Syllabus?
  • Where to find or buy these recommended books for Computer science lecture post?
  • How to download the soft copies the recommended books

PPSC Test Preparation for Computer Science Lecturer | Object Oriented Programming Session 1

PPSC Test Preparation for Computer Science Lecturer | Object Oriented Programming Lecture 1, Syllabus, Books, Course Outline. Test Preparation Guideline.
PPSC test preparation for lecturer computer Sciences started with the syllabus for the post of lecturer announced few days ago by Punjab Public Service Commission. However PPSC test preparation for the post of lecturer can be started from the syllabus of intermediate graduation and Masters classes. PPSC did not mention any proposed syllabus for for the post of lecturer Computer Sciences. We are on the experience of previous Punjab Public Service Commission test conducted for the post of computer science lecturer proposed that tentative pPSC computer science lecturer syllabus might be consist of of gate subject for Computer Sciences and core subjects of computer Sciences which are mentioned in Punjab Public Service Commission competitive exam syllabus for computer science.
So we are here presenting the first lecture for PPSC test preparation for computer science lecture on the topic of object oriented programming in which all outline described in Gat subject Computer Sciences and PPSC computer is discussed in detail for better preparation.

Tentative Topics / Outlines of PPSC Test Preparation for CS Lecturer

  1. Evolution of Object Oriented (OO) programming
  2. OO concepts and principles
  3. problem solving in OO paradigm
  4. OO programme design process
  5. Classes, methods (pubic, pricate, protected, utility, accesor , helper)
  6. What are objects and encapsulation
  7. Types of constructors and destructors
  8. Operator and function overloading
  9. Virtual functions
  10. Inheritance and its all types
  11. What are derived classes
  12. What is polymorphism
    These lectures are are recorded dedicate leaf a PPSC computer science lecturer test preparation on the topic of object oriented programming in detail. All the topics listed in GAT subject computer science syllabus and PPSC syllabus for computer science competitive exams are kept in view while recording this lecture number 1.

Computer Science Solved MCQ’s

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PPSC Lecturer Posts Last Year Merit

English M – 54.5
English F – 53
Pak Studies M – 74.25
Pak Studies F – 59
CS M – 51.25
CS F – 47.5
Math M – 55.5
Math F – 51.5
Physics M – 58.75
Physics F – 47
URDU M – 74.25
Urdu F – 70
Islamiat M – 56.25
Islamiat F – 48
Commerce M – 65
Commerce F – 57.75
Education M – 76.25
Education F – 73.25
Physical Education M – 51.25
Physical Education F – 42.5
Biology M – 46.25
Biology F – 47.5
Similarly Botany M – 44.5
Botany F – 47
However Zoology M – 49.25
Zoology F- 54.75

Author: A.J. Bhatti