How to Write a research paper

We will learn the art of how to write a research paper in this lecture. What are the skills , time , efforts required to write a research paper. How many parts which a research paper have and what are the things whiuch you must have to take into considerations while writing a research paper. Moreover first we are going to discuss the parts of a research paper then we will discuss how to write a research paper fast and also learn how to write a research paper step by step

Step 1: Parts of a Resach Paper

Similarly there are seven parts of a research paper

  1. Abstract : Basically abstract is short form of your investigation and idea . The short discription of your research paper is known as abstract. It is the paragraph which proivides you all the information about research paper and helps you to make decision that you shoud study this paper or not or it is out of your research area. How to write a research paper abstract…
  2. Related Work : The study and searching of other related words on your area of research.
  3. Introduction : If you complete this course you will know how to write a research paper introduction . It is no so difficult and take less time if you have a better understanding about your research topic and your path is clear.
  4. Analysis : it is your anaysis on your topic..
  5. Conclusions : It is not a rocket science in my views simply it is the moral of the story and in other words experience you gain from your work. In the Next lectures we will also thorugly discuss how to write a research paper conclusion.
  6. Aknowledgement
  7. Refernces

Step 2: Format of research paper

Similarly There are six guidlines for a good format of research paper writing which are

1:Format your Paper :

Formatting is important because some marks are alloted purely for formatting. Format of a research paper plays an important role in your research paper. However You have to format your resaerch paper by following your institution or university guidlines carefully as well as strictly. If you are new or writting a research paper first time then you have to pay attention on the format of your research paper according to that template or guidelines provided by your institution or your teacher otherwise you will loose your marks of formatting .

2:Minimum Pages

The minimum pages required for a research paper is 5 . Your content will more then 5 pages otherwise your research paper will not be submitted.

3: References for research paper:

You have to give 10 references of your research are in other words these are the references from which ;yo got your research idea as well as research paper data or content of your research . So the amount of these references in your research paper should not be less then 10.

4: Pladiarism Rate

The maximum pladiarism ratio allowed in the research paper and articles is 15 % if your paper content pladiarised data is less then or equal to 15 % then your paper is acceptable otherwise if the pladiarism rate is greater then 15 percen then your paper will not be accepted by the university. This pladirism is not the pladiarism from the internet resources but also from the universties research papers data and the research commission papers data. if your paper found pladiarised with any other paper then you will lost your all numbers. There are many online tools available in free to detect pladiarism. We will discuss how to check the pladiarism in some other lecture.

5: In Group Quality Work is Demand

The most important point is if you are writing a research paper in group or as a group work then a high quality of work,reseach as well as content is demanded because you are working in a team so every body in the team have small role as compare to individual so that everybody should do his or her work more proficently and effectively.

Step Three | How to Start

There are few steps you should have to take before starting how to write a research paper

Select Your Topic

First of all you have to select the topic on wwhich you want to carry on your research . However choose the topic of your field of your are of experties of your interest . Moreover if the topic of your research is narrow and with in the area of your interest and experties then you will right your research more easily , speedly and effectively otherwise you will stuck at the first step and this will be very harmfull to you.

Step Four | Select your Investigation area

There are almost thre investigation areas and approaches in which you can write your research paper which are

1: Easy one :In this approach you have to read 10 to 20 already published research papers. However thesse papers which are relevant to your topic and you have to understand them. Moreover after understanding these paper you have to make a litrature review by putting your best understandings as well as unique efforts specific to some scenerio as well as your topic.

2: Moderate : In this technique you able to make comparisons between different techniques methods and architectures as well as models. You can do comparsion on the basis of some set parameters. For example in operating system we learned page replacement algorithems also stiudies its different methods and techniques like LIFO,FIFO,Least recently used and most recently used. Now you can conduct the comparison of these techniques on the basis of RAM utilization and processor utilization. However now what you hac perform you performed compoarisons and corelate between two techniques. How you can compare, analyse and write about these techniques we will discuss later.

3: Novel : In the novel idea you can propose a novel idea,algorithems,models and processed models. You can propose them with some case studies and mathematical proofs.

Checking Criteria of Reasearch Paper : There are many parameters which you have to fullfil. However by using these parameters provided by your institution your research paper will check. These parameters are almost same every where. What are thes Parameters of Research.

Author: A.J. Bhatti