Facebook Beta 2020 | Facebook new interface 2020 | How to switch to Facebook beta Interface 2020

Facebook beta 2020 - new interface with Dark Mode facebook 2020

Facebook beta 2020 is the fresh friendly interface of Facebook for desktop computers and Smartphones including android and iphone. #Facebook has changed their facelift After 16 years. #Darkmode #Facebookbeta has been introduced to save the eyes of it’s more than billions of users. Facebook had been working on its new interface for quite some time and now they have finally introduced to roll out Facebook beta in 2020 for desktop computers and Smartphones including all Android and iPhones.

Few days ago when I log into my Facebook account I was offered by Facebook to see the redesign of Facebook ok. At first look I feel discomfort in using Facebook ok Beta 20 20 but when I was come to know that Facebook has also introduced its dark mode user interface. To switch to Facebook new interface and has started using Facebook beta version 2020. In android and iphone facebook beta version is automatically switched for the uses slowly and soon it will be replaced with Facebook beta version.

But if you are interested in joining Facebook new interface 2020 e u main switch to Facebook beta 2020. In this video I have introduced all the new features and fonts with dark mode introduced by the Facebook new interface and honestly speaking that I love to the new Facebook interface. It was very e pleasant to work with new Facebook interface in the dark mode and lighter mode. The most pleasant thing I have found in new Facebook interface is the size of icons and new fonts introduced by Facebook beta 2020.

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Facebook Beta 2020 New interface 2020 | How to switch to Facebook beta Interface 2020

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