Election Officer Test Preparation Demo Lectures 2020 Jobs

election officer test 2020 preparation and syllabus

Here are the demo classes recorded for Tehsildar exam from our experts. We are opening these classes for upcoming Election Officer Test Preparation Demo Lectures 2020 Jobs. currently As the 90% syllabus issued for Election Officer Test Syllabus 2020 is same by a press release by Election Commission. Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a press release about the Election Officer jobs 2020 syllabus on 22 December 2020. Election Officer Grade 17 jobs was announced in public newspapers bye Election Commission of Pakistan in May 2020. Due to pandemic coronavirus job examination and selection test was postponed.

Hence, As per press release issued by the election commission of Pakistan all the candidates who had applied for the post of Election Officer BPS 17 are informed buy a press release about the exact percentage of syllabus.

Election Officer Test Preparation Demo Lectures 2020 Jobs

We are pleased to provide free election Officer test preparation online video. These videos were recorded for previously PPSC Tehsildar test preparation and examination. Therefore, Syllabus declared by the election commission of Pakistan for the post of Election Officer is almost same as it was for tahsildar and Naib Tehsildar post syllabus declared by PPSC. The only difference between both these syllabus is the percentage of marks mentioned above. As far as, The topics and the subjects are 100% same which includes English ,Islamiat, Pakistan affairs, current affairs and everyday science too. The constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 and election act 2017 comprising of 30% part of the paper is only the difference between the syllabus of PPSC Tehsildar test preparation and Election Officer test preparation as well.

  • English (30%)
  • The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 ( Pan-I, II & VIII) and Election Act 2017 (30%)
  • Islamiyat (10%)
  • Pakistan Affairs (10%)
  • Current Affairs (10%)
  • Every day Science (10%)

Therefore, if you want to prepare Election Officer test, you can join our platform by getting access to these videos notes and mock tests. Hence, What is the quality of our previously recorded lectures for the subject of English Pakistan affairs Computer Sciences here are some demo lectures for preparation.

Syllabus, Test Success Guide, English Comprehension

– IT Lecture 1 – Computers Introduction

General Knowledge Lecture No 1 | War of Independence 1857

Lecture 1 Islamic History General Knowledge

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