CS724 Assignment No 1 Solution IDEA

cs724 assignment no1 guideline

Cs724 Assignment Solution IDEA for Spring 2019 Semester is almost same as I have presented in Fall 2018. Respected has given following questions in CS724 Assignment No 1 in this semester spring 2019.

Q no 1: (25 Marks)

A Process model is an essential element for qualitative software development. Extreme Programing (XP) is one of the widely used agile models in software industry particularly for small to medium scale projects. You will find the complete explanation of XP life cycle in research paper named “SPI-Paper 1” attached with this assignment. You are required to customize XP Process Model for large scale projects and provide the following:   

  1. Provide the pictorial view (SDLC Picture) of your proposed/developed Process model. (10 marks)
  • Provide the description of each phase of the proposed model in detail. (15 marks)

Q no 2: (25 Marks)

Find the paper named “SPI-Paper 2” attached with this assignment and answer the following questions:

  1. What are the contributions of other researchers in this domain?
  2. How the proposed solution solved the identified problem?
  3. How the proposed solution is validated?

CS724 Assignment Solution Idea For Spring 2019

In this SDLC model is asked to integrator into XP method.

Sdlc stands for system development life cycle. It has 5 or 6 phases in. Every software air is gone through the phases of sdlc. These phases includes
And deployment.
On the other hand extreme programming is also a software development strategy used for small scale projects. But it doesn’t mean that is software being developed in extreme programming do not follow the phases of software development life cycle. Extreme programming faces are shown in the diagram. The task is to integration of sdlc phases into extreme programming phases. So try to to make the solution with the idea given below.
The solution idea is to divide a big project into small molecules and apply extreme programming on each module.
And in each module the activities are phases performed in extreme programming must be done under the umbrella of sdlc Phase II as shown in the figure below this figure will be the part of your assignment you may design this figure at your own and in different fashions to make your solution unique.

CS724 Assignment Solution Video 2019

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