CS711 Assignment No 1 Solution – Decomposition and its types

CS711 Assignment Solution no1 2019

CS 711 Assignment No 1 solution IDEA will guide you in text and video how to solve this CS711 Assignment no 1 spring 2019. Most of works is done just watch video and instructions given below to compile your solution of cs711 assignment no 1. Auto Spell checker application and its abstraction. Its composition and modularization details are give. Sample diagram for Horizontal decomposition and vertical decomposition are given which must be drawn by yourself to make your CS711 Assignment Solution 1 unique.

Question No. 1 (15+10 = 25 marks) Read carefully the research paper entitled “Patterns of Change in Design Metaphor: A
Case Study” and answer the following questions: 1) How can you analyze the Design Metaphor be subsidized in given paper? 2) What “Spelling Checker” metaphor has been expressed in figure 1? Elaborate critically of given figure in your own words.

Question No. 2 (9+8+8=25 marks)
It is required to design “Auto Spelling Checker” design as system architect and perform the following design principles such as Abstraction, decomposition and modularization.

CS 711 Assignment No 1 Solution IDEA 2019

  • Define What is abstraction
  • Then Just write 5 to 7 lines about Auto spell checker Application.
  • Define Modularization : Then define modules of Spell Checker programs like Spellcheck, Error Detector, Dictionary Database, Tokenizer etc.
  • Define these modules in two – three lines.
  • Define decomposition :
  • Decompose Auto Spell Checker in following components. . 1) user interface, spell Checker API, Database of Dictionary etc
  • Finally draw two diagrams … Modules into horizontal as shown below and vertical as shown below.

CS711 Assignment No 1 IDEA Solution – Sample diagrams.

VU Book Shop – Horizontal Decomposition ( You may increase or decreasy or change names of the subsystem given below)

VU Book Shop – Vertical Decomposition  ( you may increase more layers in this as per your understanding….

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