CS724 Assignment 2 Solution Guideline Spring 2018

CS724 Assignment No 2 Solution is a about the implementation of Software process improvement methods to achieve goals by adopting different SPI methods and practices. Here is Complete CS712 Assignment 2 Solution Guideline Spring 2018. Links are provided by help of these articles we have able to prepare this solution of assignment no 2 of CS724 Vu MSCS course. You need to watch videos .

CS724 Assignment No 2 Spring 2018 Question

Q # 1:
Suppose: You are the IT Manager of Virtual University of Pakistan and are responsible to
improve the VULMS services for student. You are required to follow the Software
Improvement Activities given below to solve the issues faced by the students (At least 3
1. Goals (12 Marks)
2. Methodology (12 Marks)
Q # 2:
Read the research paper named “SPI-Paper 2” attached with this assignment and answer
the following questions.
1. Write down the summary of the paper in your own words? (10 Marks)
2. How the data is collected and results are analyzed? (16 Marks)

CS724 Assignment No 2 Spring 2018 Solution Guideline

  • Each maturity level consists of process areas. Each process area contains goals that must be satisfied. Each goal has certain practices or actions (methods) associated with it
  • Each PA has several goals that need to be satisfied in order to satisfy the objectives of the PA. There are two types of goals:
  • Specific goals (SG): goals that relate only to the specific PA under study
  • Practices are activities that must be performed to satisfy the goals for each PA. Each practice relates to only one goal. There are two types of practices:
  • Specific practices (SP) / Methods / Methodology : practices that relate to specific goal

Issues identified

  • Server Down (Link of VULMS is down)
  • Communication gap between students and instructor (A live chat option with instructor at pre-defined time slots)
  • The criteria of course selection must be given in VULMS (Compulsory and optional subjects for typical specialization)
  • File uploading speed big files uploading took too muc time… like 50MB .. another performance issue
  • no use of student performance evaluation based on his semester activities to show him and teacher about is students… Student performance predictor/analyszer
  • online gateway for fee receving

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