CS711 Assignment No 2 Solution Guideline Spring 2018

CS711 Assignment No 2 Solution is a continued assignment No 1 activity for creation of Use Case Diagram and Class diagram. Here is Complete CS711 Assignmetn 2 Solution Guideline Spring 2018 in two steps. Few are guidelines and how to create these diagrams. you need to watch videos .

CS711 Assignment No 2 Spring 2018 Question

Case Study: Location Finder

Problem Definition

Nowadays cities are very congested and it’s hard to easily find the exact location. People face problems regarding different locations when they enter in a new city. They have no idea of where they are? What is the location of nearest hotel, mosque, and hospital, park etc. what the route of the location is? How much time it will take and so on.

Scope of the project

“Location Finder” will provide a location based searching for:




Shopping Malls

Fuel stations


Medical Stores

Blood Banks

User will enter the category of location (e.g. a hotel) and a range in kilometers. Application will automatically get the current location of the user and will display a shortest path to searched location within the specified range along with distance in kilometers and average time to reach that location. For example user may search hotels within one kilometer of his/her current location

Q No 1

Draw Use Case

CS711 Assessment No 2 Spring 2018 Solution Guideline

CS711 Free Solution Guideline how to create diagrams are already shared…

Following are use cases  (you may change names)
  • InputUserCategor
  • InputUserLocation
  • GetUserLocation
  • Calc_distance/time
  • DisplayLocation
  • Use GoogleMap
  • FindCateLocation
use android MAP diagram on this link with two additional classes

  • USER
  • LocationFinder
  • link for google map classes

Now You just need to draw diagrams…
Here are videos

Class diagram video

Reseach Paper Question should be attempted by students iteself

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