CS619 Final Project Deliverable – SRS Document sample

cs619 final project deliverable How to Prepare or Make SRS Document

Software requirement specifications document is also called SRS document is the first deliverable in #VU #CS619 Final Project for the students of #BSCS, #BSSE, #BSIT, #MCS and #MIT. After CS619 final project selection either by a single student or by a group of two students, the SRS documents is given as first Cs619 Final project deliverable by Virtual university of Paksitan. This SRS document assignment is to be submitted withing first 30 days of the project start.

As I have promised with my viewers of TheITeducation.com YouTube Channel to provide free training on CS619 Final project deliverable. Here is a complete sample of Software Requirement Specification Documents sample made for a VU Final project earlier in a semester. An SRS document assigned for submission for CS619 Final Project includes following key concepts. Here in the end of document you will be given a link to a sample SRS document which will be helpful with SRS video.

SRS document Table of Contents

  1. Scope (of the project)
  2. Functional Requirements Non Functional requirements
  3. Use Case Diagram
  4. Usage Scenarios
  5. Adopted Methodology
  6. Work Plan (Use MS Project to create Schedule/Work Plan)

SRS Document for CS619 Final Project Sample

Here is the sample of Android based Blood Bank Network System Software Requirements Specification Document. This Cs619 Final project was announced in 2018. This document will show you how you can create SRS document.

A Software Requirement Specification is a document that captures complete description about how system will work. It lays out Functional and non Functional requirements, it also include set of use-cases that describe user interactions that software must provide. It also include usage scenario and adopted methodology. SRS should be complete, consistent, verifiable, unambiguous and correct.

Download CS619 Final Project Deliverable SRS document Sample

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