CS201 Short Lecture 5 | While, Do while and for loops C++ Code examples

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Topics of today! | CS201 Short Lecture 05

CS201 Short Lecture 5 | While, Do while and for loops C++ Code examples Urdu Hindi. #cs201 #vushortlectures #vu #virtualuniversity #Loopsinurdu Today we will discuss cs201 lecture 6 and cs201 lecture 7.

This is 5th lecture of CS 201 short lectures prepared in Urdu and Hindi language.

Today we will talk about programming building blocks which is loops.

We will talk about loops use different examples in C++ language. We know that there are three looping structures are available in c++ programming language

While loop

Do while loop

For statement

All these loops are functional equivalent and used to repeat a statement are set of this statement it on the basis of conditional statement.

In all these loops a conditional statement is tested either at top and bottom and on the basis of the result for conditional statement a single statement are a set of statement and closed { is executed repeated.

There are four steps of are loop in C plus plus programming language

1. First of all declare counter variable and initialize it

2. Construct a conditional expression with the help of Counter variable

3. Define the body of loop 4. Increment or decrement the value.

CS201 Short Lecture 05 | While, Do while and for loops C++ Code examples

CS201 Short Lecture – 05 | VU Short Lecture | Introduction to Programming in (Urdu / Hindi) This is our CS201 Introduction to Programming Tutorial recorded for the students of VU. Students #BSCS​ #BSIT​ #BSSE​ #MIT​ #MCS​ ; in this Online video

CS201 Introduction to Programming | CS201 Short Lecture 5

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