CS101 Final Term Preparation – Short Lectures and Short Notes

CS101 Final Term preparation - New Course - Fall 2021 - Revised Study Scheme

We are offering you the best ways for cs101 final term preparation. We have recorded short video lectures of Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access. These videos are free to watch on our official YouTube Channel “TheITeducation.com”. These videos are not recorded for this course CS101 introduction to Computing, but the as per new Scheme and course outline of CS101 Introduction to Computing, but these watch these videos one can get cs101 final term preparation in best way. These CS101 Short videos can be been seen here. we will Publish CS101 Short Notes for download in pdf format. It will be highlighted version and past paper pattern with solved MCqs will be shared soon before VU Final Term exam starting in Feb 2021. (Credit of Notes and MCQs to its creator)

CS101 final term syllabus starts from topic number 160 to onward. The most part of final term syllabus and preparation is the Microsoft Office tools like Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access. Final term syllabus of CS101 introduction to computing also include the basic concepts of databases and web page development through Dreamweaver application. But more than 80% syllabus of CS101 final term is about the the latest application the data word processing spreadsheet presentations and databases.

CS101 Short Notes for Final Term PDF- MCQS

I have recorded short video lectures for Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint already. These videos can help for best preparation of CS101 final term exam to be conducted in February 2021 according to new course and new study scheme and revised course of introduction to computing for the students of BSCS, BSIT and BSSE of Virtual University of Pakistan.
CS101 introduction to computing is taught in all courses of Virtual University of Pakistan that these courses are at undergraduate level or diploma level are 16 year master degree level. Each of the student need to watch the videos and want to prepare CS101 for the final term examination.

CS101 Final Term Preparation for Topic 187 – topic 214 – Microsoft Word

Topic 187 start with the introduction of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word topics are continued till 214. In these topics all Microsoft word related following topics are covered.

Topic-187. MS word187
Topic-188. MS word: quick access bar188
Topic-189. MS work: home ribbon189
Topic-190. MS Word: Clipboard Group190
Topic-191. MS Word: Font Group191
Topic-192. MS word: paragraph group-1192
Topic-193. MS word: paragraph group-2193
Graded Discussion Board (GDB)
Topic-194. MS word: style group194
Topic-195. MS word: editing group195
Topic-196. MS Word: Insert Functionalities196
Topic-197. MS word: page group197
Topic-198. MS word: table group198
Topic-199. MS Word: Illustration Group199
Topic-200. MS word: media and links groups200
Topic-201. MS Word: Comments and Header & footer201
Topic-202. MS word: text group part-1202
Topic-203. MS Word: Text Group (Part-2) and Symbols Group203
Topic-204. MS word: Design ribbon204
Topic-205. MS Word: Page Setup Group in Page Layout Ribbon205
Topic-206. MS Word: Paragraph Group in Page Layout Ribbon206
Topic-207. MS Word: Arrange Group in Page Layout Ribbon207
Topic-208. MS word: references ribbon208
Topic-209. MS Word: Proofing Group in Review Ribbon209
Topic-210. MS Word: Language Group in Review Ribbon210
Topic-211. MS Word: Comments Group in Review Ribbon211
Topic-212. MS Word: Tracking and Changes Groups in Review Ribbon212
Topic-213. MS Word: Compare and Protect Groups in Review Ribbon213

Topic 187- 214 – Features of Microsoft Word Complete

Create Resume in MS word 2013, 2019 using template – Topic 187-189

Font Formatting in MS Word – Urdu and Hindi – Topic 190-193

Ms Word paragraph formatting – 190-195 Part 2

How to create or type a letter in MS Word using Template and formatting – Styles – Topic 194

MS Word Find and replace – A complete Options – 195

MS Word Page formatting, Page Margin, Section break, Research Paper Page Formatting Example – 197, 205,206, 207

MS Word working with Columns – How to format a Research Academic Paper Article and Insert break –

MS Word 2019 Tutorial | Working with Pictures, Drawings and AutoShapes – 196,199,200

Inserting in MS Word 2019 Symbols , Textbox, Math Equation in MS Word 2019.

Inserting Comments in MS Word Checking Word Assignment and paper with comments – 201

How to Draw in MS Word | drawing in word document 2010 –

Table of Contents in Academic Paper, Term paper, Thesis, Report in MS Word

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