Auditory Perception in Psychology Types of Perception | Introduction to Psychology Lecture 12 URDU – PSY101 BBA104


In this lecture we are going to discuss Auditory Perception in psychology / auditory perception in psychology ppt in URDU Hindi | Introduction to Psychology BBA104 | PSY101 short lectures. In this Auditory Perception  in psychology we will cover all course outline topics through online lectures including auditory perception activities / auditory perception examples as well as concept of auditory perception domain . auditory perception pdf /Spatial Perception examples / auditory perception ppt notes and handouts are available at If you are facing difficulties in the development of Auditory Perception  assignments and their quizlet feel free to contact us on 03096055938 WhatsApp for free and paid couching services and assignments.

The Topics which are covered in this lecture are

1. What is Auditory Perception

2. Factors of Auditory Perception

3. Physical Stimuli of Hearing

4. Pitch of sound

5. quality of sound

6. Frequency of Sound.

Auditory Perception

•A common view about auditory perception is to head a sound experience.

•But Auditory perception tells us about sounds and their properties of frequency, amplitude and complexity of sound waves.

•It is about how we perceive sound and its sensory qualities.

•A sound stimuli occur by vibration or movement of an object cause pressure change in air, water or any elastic medium.

•Objects of auditory perception are sound and their properties.

•Mthew Nuddes says that auditory perception tells the objects are sources of sound.

•The ability to hear event that cannot be seen serves an important signaling function for both animal and humans.

•Animal in forest can perceived of crackle of a tree or approaching of a predator. A warring signal in city or ambulance etc.

–Physical stimulus of hearing

–Psychological experience of hearing.

Physical stimulus for hearing

Frequency : by which we recognize a low and high sound. It measure in Hertz ( کم اور زیادہ آواز)

Amplitude : is sound pressure level (loudness) by which we can differentiate a weak and strong sound.(مرد اور عورت کی آواز)

Pitch  : is quality of sound by which it can describes  high and low . It is based on frequency and length.  With same frequency and length we can differentiate.

Auditory Perception |Types of Perception | Introduction to Psychology Lecture 12 URDU – PSY101 BBA104

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Author: A.J. Bhatti