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What is Whatsapp new policy 2021 and What will be the alternatives of the WhatsApp? are the two burning questions for novice users now a days. Most of the WhatsApp users around the globe and in Pakistan and India has received WhatsApp new policy notification to which they AGREE or they will be banned to use WhatsApp in Feb 2021. Hence, What should we do? is the question to answer for new and novice user about this policy. Here I will try to explain the New policy of WhatsApp to which I have already Agreed.

What will provide Whatsapp to Facebook and its applications as per its new policy 2021?

WhatsApp will provide the user’s mobile number, Profile photo, phone model and location to Facebook. I must clear here that WhatsApp will not provide messages and your photos stored in your phone to any of Facebook application. These messages and media shared on WhatsApp are safe and secure as it was in past. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encrypted communication to its subscribers and users. It means that your all personal communication is only stored in sender and receiver mobile after it has been delivered. WhatsApp does not store these information on its servers.

WhatsApp are new changes to the privacy policy?

WhatsApp has made new changes to its privacy policy 2021 for the use of its application that users must accept or their account will be deleted. As per this policy WhatsApp will share above mentioned information to Facebook and its allied application for better marketing and to increase its revenue. Facebook earns from the Facebook ads, and these ads are served to its users on the basis of the mobile and Facebook use history of the user. Now Facebook will get better control over audience using WhatsApp new policy and will surely increase its revenue.

When and to whom will WhatsApp will be no longer available?

WhatsApp, a company owned by Facebook, has also sent notifications to users and given them until February 8 to accept the new policy, otherwise the user will lose access to the WhatsApp account after 8th February 2021.

What information will be shared by WhatsApp?

Under the new WhatsApp policy, it will not only use user data but also share it with third parties, especially Facebook.
According to WhatsApp’s new policy 2021, users can add their name, mobile number, profile photo, status, phone model, operating system as well as device information, IP address, mobile network and location to WhatsApp and other related social media platforms. Will provide the form.

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At the same time, WhatsApp will keep you informed of new transaction and payment features.

WhatsApp says that when users rely on third party services or other Facebook company products linked to them, the third party may receive information that you or others share with them.

WhatsApp’s new policy sets out how businesses can store and manage WhatsApp chats using Facebook’s services.

According to WhatsApp, Facebook’s global infrastructure is being used to store user data.

Consumers are expressing concern over the change in WhatsApp privacy policy and the increase in downloading of calling and messaging services other than WhatsApp.

A Twitter user named Kamil said that Facebook already has all this data but he is now reporting that he has this data.

The fact is that WhatsApp and Facebook already have user data, but now they are asking the user for permission to use it so that they do not face any legal problems.

What will be WhatsApp alternatives Apps if we don’t agree?

Spike, Threema, Telegram, Viber and Signal and many others communication Apps might be few of the the good WhatsApp alternatives. These are all another privacy messenger apps, which provide similar features and supports end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp. All types of messages, photos, videos, voice and video calls and group chats are encrypted.

WhatsApp alternative apps

WhatsApp alternatives | Telegram, Viber and Signal

Here are the features list that are accessed by all these apps. The list of data that each of the three messaging apps collects from their users can share with others. We can see the WhatsApp captures most of these.

Device IDContact InfoNONE
User IDContacts 
Advertising DataUser ID 
Purchase History  
Coarse Location  
Phone Number  
Email Address  
Product Interaction  
Crash Data  
Performance Data  
Other Diagnostic Data  
Payment Info  
Customer Support  
Product Interaction  
Other User Content  

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