What is Connected & Strongly Connected Components in Graph

Connected and Strongly Connected Graph in Hindi and Urdu

What is Connected & Strongly Connected Components in Graph. Let learn in Urdu & Hindi for the course CS502 and Cs702. A directed graph is called strongly connected if there is a path in each direction between each pair of vertices(u,v). It means if U vertex can reach to V vertex and V vertac can reach to Vertex U in the graph. That is, a path exists from the first vertex in the pair to the second, and another path exists from the second vertex to the first. A directed graph is strongly connected if there is a path between any two pair of vertices. For example, following is a strongly connected graph. It is easy for undirected graph, we can just do a BFS and DFS starting from any vertex. If BFS or DFS visits all vertices, then the given undirected graph is connected.

Connected Components of Graph

connected component or simply component of an undirected graph is a subgraph in which each pair of nodes is connected with each other via a path. A set of nodes forms a connected component in an undirected graph if any node from the set of nodes can reach any other node by traversing edges.

Strongly Connected Graph Example
Strongly Connected Graph Example

Lets Learn The core concept of Connected and Strongly connected components of Graph theory in Urdu and Hindi Mediam from Prof. Habib Ullah Qamar online Video Lectures

What is Connected & Strongly Connected Components in Graph | Urdu & Hindi | CS502 | Cs702

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