VU Academic Paper Writing or Term Paper Writing Guidelines

Vu Academic Term Paper

Every Student inquire about vu Academic Papre / Term Paper writing guideline, that is compulsory for every subject in MSCS program offer by #VU. Virtual University of Pakistan enforces their students by assigning this tough task. The main purpose Academic Term paper for every subject is to teach students how to write research papers. Every research need to publish his/her own papers to show his/her worth. Following are the essential parts of academic term paper;

  •  Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Related Work
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgement
  • References

VU Academic Term Paper Guidelines

  • VU assigned academic Term paper pattern must be aligned with IEEE Format.
  • Download VU academic term paper pattern 
  • Follow Virtual University Issued guidelines (Click to Download)
  • Select topic (e.g SQA issues in Cloud computing)
  • Download 5 papers related to SQA and its issues
  • Download 5 papers for cloud computing.
  • Download 2 / or only one paper for SQA issues in Cloud computing
  • Now from first five papers
  • Read their introduction and make your introduction
  • Similarity for 5 cloud computing and make introduction
  • Merge your both introduction from 5 papers and your own written
  • For Related work, just re-write abstracts of all papers you have downloaded
  • Just re-write..abstracts
  • Take last one or two downloaded papers and retype its analysis in your Analysis
  • Write conclusion of last one or two papers…
  • acknowledgement
  • Add reference with the help of EndNote (how to install EndNote)

VU Academic Term Paper Guidelines Video

VU Academic Term Paper Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria 5.1 Grading Criteria Your paper will be graded according to the following criteria:

1. Content completeness, accuracy, and originality [30%]

2. Paper results and contributions [40%]

3. Organization (proper abstract, good title, appropriately numbered (sub) sections with descriptive titles, good transition between sections, use of diagrams and tables, good English) [20%]

4. Appropriately chosen and annotated bibliography items [10%]

Part I

Part II

VU Academic Paper Specific Formatting Requirements

An appropriately chosen topic and its well treatment should result in a paper about 3,500-4,500 words. Note that it is the quality of the contents that counts, not the length. If your paper is  slightly smaller or larger, it will be OK provided that its contents are acceptable. Please do not take advantage of line spacing, font size and margin size options to force a perceived smaller or larger paper. It will not work!

Organization. Organize your paper in terms of sequentially numbered sections, subsections, and sub-subsections, each with an appropriate title. The paper organization may be as follows:
• Paper Title
• Your name and contact information
• Paper abstract
• Introduction (problem statement)
• Background sections (may include a discussion of existing work, literature survey, justification of your work)
• Sections presenting your work (may include your solution, results, evaluations, validation, observations, case studies, application of concepts, etc.)
• Conclusions
• Bibliography
• Appendices (if necessary, may include items such as a large chunk of code that is necessary to be a part of the paper but is inappropriate to be included in the paper body)

Font Size. Use 11-point or 12-point font size.
Line Spacing. You may prepare your paper in single or double space format. If you choose to prepare in double space format, be sure to single space the title, abstract, itemized and enumerated lists, tables, and the bibliography.
Paper Margins. Allow 1-inch margins on all four sides and justify text on both sides.
Tables and Figures. Number all tables, figures, and similar items and use these numbers to explicitly refer to such items. Include a descriptive caption for each table or figure (or similar items). Be sure to use a uniform/consistent approach for citing such items and for presenting their captions.

VU Academic Paper Formatting Guidelines Video

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